Jets Players Tweet on the Bus Down to Philly

Jets Players Tweet on the Bus Down to Philly

The players are on their way to Philadelphia for the fourth and final preseason games and some players are taking to twitter.

Nick Mangold is bored and talking to MANY fans.  Mo Wilkerson is showing his communication skills between teammates from different buses, and Tim Tebow is, well, praying.

I Ask Nick about Leadership Training

e_man @nickmangold What did you learn in Leadership Training that you didn’t know already big man? 8/30/12 2:52 PM
nickmangold @e_man a greater appreciation for our special forces 8/30/12 2:54 PM
e_man @nickmangold Very very nice. 8/30/12 2:55 PM
howardjetman @nickmangold @e_man amen to that! 8/30/12 2:59 PM

I give him a very important update NOT

nickmangold Bored on the bus to Philly so I’m turning to twitter for entertainment. Anything good today? 8/30/12 2:55 PM
e_man @nickmangold They Cancelled Jersey Shore 8/30/12 2:56 PM
nickmangold @e_man it’s about time 8/30/12 2:58 PM

Where is Tim Tebow?

thatguycraig @nickmangold you have #Tebow, that’s entertaining for me. :) Thoughts? 8/30/12 2:56 PM
nickmangold @thatguycraig sitting two seats in front of me 8/30/12 2:58 PM
TimTebow Ephesians 4:32 8/30/12 2:56 PM
jetswhispers Tim Tebow tweeted – Ephesians 4:32 today – “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other.” 8/30/12 3:14 PM

mowilkerson: Music bumpin n the dre beats me and MarcusDixon94

Not into Fantasy Football

Alyssa_Ritz @nickmangold and also trying to figure out this whole fantasy football thing to prepare for my class so i dont say anything stupid 8/30/12 2:58 PM
nickmangold @Alyssa_Ritz I’m the wrong person to ask 8/30/12 3:03 PM

Not into Bonding?

LB_NYJ_78 @nickmangold braid Mark’s hair! 8/30/12 3:01 PM
nickmangold @LB_NYJ_78 I tried. It’s too short 8/30/12 3:07 PM

How was the Olympics?

MrRatch @nickmangold how did you enjoy your time in the UK? Would you like to play a game over here one year? 8/30/12 2:57 PM
nickmangold @MrRatch it was a blast. Everyone was awesome 8/30/12 3:00 PM
MrRatch @nickmangold good to hear, glad you enjoyed our nation. Can’t wait for next week now to cheer you guys on with the rest of the #ukjets 8/30/12 3:02 PM

Great communication between buses

mowilkerson Hii Nick 8/30/12 2:58 PM
nickmangold @willfitz94 @mowilkerson is that from Bus 1 or Bus 3? 8/30/12 3:06 PM
mowilkerson @nickmangold @willfitz94 nope bus 2 8/30/12 3:07 PM


mowilkerson Philly the NYJ are here 8/30/12 3:13 PM
nickmangold Looks like we have arrived in Philly. Thanks for the entertaining. Adios amigos 8/30/12 3:16 PM