I feel McElroy is the Better Option if Sanchez Goes Down

I feel McElroy is the Better Option if Sanchez Goes Down

Rex Ryan was asked about a scenario this morning if Mark Sanchez suffered an injury who would be the #2 to go right in and fill his shoes.  Tim Tebow is the answer, but I truly believe it should be Greg McElroy (IF he had the Reps).

If starting QB Mark Sanchez were to suffer a long-term injury, he’d be replaced by Tim Tebow, not Greg McElroy, Rex Ryan said Wednesday.

That may not be a revelation, but there has been some recent speculation — we’re talking out-of-left field speculation — that McElroy would be a better choice because he’s more of a conventional quarterback than Tebow.

Ryan put an end to that.

“We would expand [Tebow's] role,” Ryan said. “We feel good about what Tim could do. We’d be confident in McElroy. [Matt] Simms is the wild card.” per Rich Cimini

Here is my thinking of why McElroy fits:

  • He’s a pure pocket passer like Mark Sanchez
  • You wouldn’t have to scrap the installed offense or add to it as Rex put’s it if Greg plays
  • Tim is affective out of the shot gun, to be fully affective in my opinion, you would need to change the offense for him to succeed.
  • You can keep Tim in his role as if Sanchez was playing, keeping him in goal line and wild cat situations.

Of course this only works if Greg gets the work in.  As of now, I don’t feel that McElroy has enough reps and Tim would have to be the choice.

  • Tom in Fullerton, CA

    Finally, a great question asked in a press conference…I am a big fan of McElroy, and also agree that he should be considered as the back-up to Sanchez. All Rex said is that Tebow would have an expanded role. He did say that they are confident in McElroy…I think that Rex is trying to avoid any other controversy at this point, and we will see Tebow’s role play out through the season as a special football player, and that’s it. Special exams, special packages/plays, but I believe most will agree that he is not a quarterback.