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Nike unveils Tim Tebow Alpha Talon Elite cleats

Nike unveils Tim Tebow Alpha Talon Elite cleats
Nike unveiled a cleat specially designed for Tim Tebow.  Although he did not wear the cleats on the field against the Panthers on Sunday and so far there is no word on who will actually be wearing them besides Tebow.

In advance of their preseason game against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, Nike revealed via their Facebook page Sunday (link) the Nike Alpha Talon Elite signature cleats that Tim Tebow will be wearing on the field during the regular season. The cleats will also feature Tebow’s new signature “sword” logo, which plays off Tebow’s heroic qualities, not to mention his jersey number.

As is the case with any of Nike’s signature athletes, this particular iteration of the Alpha Talon Elite cleats were designed to Tebow’s specifications. The first noticeable feature is the chrome green finish on the plate, which plays into Tebow’s highlight reel ability. The retractable cleats were designed to handle the cuts that Tebow makes when he scrambles for first downs and the Elite padding on the heel provides the comfort he’ll need on the field.  Via Examiner.com