My Thoughts on the Jets / Panthers Game

My Thoughts on the Jets / Panthers Game

First, I am still not hitting the panic button.  Yes the Jets have not scored a TD in preseason and yes it’s only preseason BUT they must show some sort of life, don’t you think?   I am concerned that the Jets had great field position and were unable to punch it in for six.

Yes there are many excused people can give, like it’s only pre-season, Holmes is rusty, players are injured, or we are only showing a vanilla offense.  I’m done with excuses however; we will not be getting redemption until the first game of the season as no starters will playing in the last contest against the Eagles.

Here are some Highlights from last night with my thoughts:

RichCimini #Jets become first team in 35 years not to score TD in first 3 preseason games, per NBC. Who’s worried? ’77 Falcons went 7-7. 8/26/12 11:03 PM

Coples looked great against the starters, now stop complaining about playing the full game.

  • Sanchez looked good slinging the ball around despite his receivers dropping passes.  I was encouraged by his play.
  • 15 possessions for the starters in the preseason, and no touchdowns.
  • In Fact, as a team:  Jets have gone 12 quarters, 36 drives and 173 plays without a TD this preseason.  This is BAD.  Please don’t tell me it’s pre-season.  I know.
  • Tebow cheers were loud in the stadium when he took the field.  The boos were just as loud when he starting messing up.  Take it with a grain of salt.  I saw some tweets from my followers who are die-hard Jets fans and they were clearly annoyed by the Tebow fan presence.  I will say that when I saw a fan doing the gator chop in the stands from my TV, it annoyed me slightly.
  • Injuries:  Josh Baker, Dustin Keller, and David Harris left the game with injuries.  Baker’s looks serious and I would not be surprised if his season is over.  Hill took a shot in the back but stayed in the game.
  • I like that Coples is playing well with the 1′s.  I’m not happy that he was whining about having to play the entire game but Rex Ryan lighting him up is a good thing.   Quinton, you are a ROOKIE, pay your dues.  Expectations are higher for you!
  • Speaking of Coples, I loved seeing the push he and Wilkerson were getting on what’s considered an above average line.
  • Aaron Maybin has a non-stop motor.  I can see him with double digit sacks this year.
  • I really hope Laron Landry can stay healthy all year.  He is a beast of a player and if he can play all season, he clearly will be the best off-season acquisition by the Jets.
  • I’m not too happy about the play of Kyle Wilson.  He was burnt a couple of times and just continues to look lost.
  • Bart Scott is a man on a mission.  He continues to look faster and hit bigger than last season.
  • Kenrick Ellis looked VERY good pushing the line and getting in on some big hits for losses.  His play is key because we don’t know if Pou’ha ‘s injury will be nagging.
  • Austin Howard impressed me.  He looked very good against a pretty decent pass rusher.  Problem solved?  I hope so.
  • Nick Folk all but wrapped up the starting job for kicker in my eyes.