Twitter Reaction to Wayne Hunter getting Benched

Twitter Reaction to Wayne Hunter getting Benched

It’s always interesting to see what people have to say on anything Jets on twitter, especially when it’s a lighting rod event… oh like the benching of OT Wayne Hunter.

The RT has been struggling and twitter has been crazy this past week (he’s been trending on twitter nationally many times this week).  Here are but a sampling of reactions from the media, some fans and some jokers.


AdamSchefter As SalPal reports, Rex Ryan just benched Wayne Hunter. Austin Howard is the Jets new starting RT. Could see that one coming from Cortland. 8/23/12 11:28 AM
DWAZ73 Rex Ryan on Nov. 22, 2010: “We feel like we have the best backup tackle in football in Wayne Hunter.” #Jets have their backup back. 8/23/12 12:07 PM
SethWalderNYDN The Jets say they have no intention of trading Wayne Hunter. #nyj 8/23/12 12:25 PM
NickStDenis Wayne Hunter is Twitter-trending in the United States, just above Kobe Bryant. America the Beautiful. 8/23/12 12:40 PM
robinlundberg Rex Ryan said Wayne Hunter handled his demotion well. Much like anything else, it’s not like he could block it. 8/23/12 11:41 AM
caplannfl The decision to fully guarantee Wayne Hunter’s $2.45 M this season was yet another mistake by the Jets…in a long line of many of them. 8/23/12 11:22 AM


Rob_Stearns41 Thank the lord Wayne hunter is out at RT… Maybe Sanchez will be able to sleep now 8/23/12 1:11 PM
BILLS FAN—–> bre_88 Everybody talkin shii about Wayne Hunter needs to recognize a genius when they see one. Saw that WK 1 matchup & made a “Business Decision” 8/23/12 12:41 PM

The Jokers

landy_10 Not saying I’m responsible for the Wayne Hunter benching but I did send a 2 page essay to the Jets this morning #WAYNEWATCH 8/23/12 12:38 PM
Steve_G_Lover Thank god the Jets finally benched Wayne Hunter, the human turnstile 8/23/12 12:24 PM

Pictures like this are all over the net.