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Revis Hosting NFL Fantasy Football Draft for Fans

Revis Hosting NFL Fantasy Football Draft for Fans

Darrelle Revis and some of his crew, which includes Bart Scott and manager John Geiger, are at Best Buy Theater for a Fantasy Draft.

JohnGeiger_ Darrelle Revis will be hosting the NFL fantasy football draft tomorrow (Thursday) at the Best Buy Theater. 8/22/12 9:58 PM



glucksauce: The homie Revis #jets @ Best Buy Theater http://t.co/npaNDV8h

howaboutafresca Just had a 10 minute discussion with @madbacker57 about where to draft Mark Ingram in fantasy. J-E-T-S… 8/23/12 8:58 PM

howaboutafresca: Me on Revis Island. http://t.co/zQQdajuC

JohnGeiger_ This fantasy football draft at best buy is crazy. 8/23/12 8:16 PM

JoeyZ26: NFL Network Fantasy Draft. Darrelle Revis was hating on our MJD pick. http://t.co/3DuFX3bM