Wayne Hunter takes the Night off from the “Family”

Wayne Hunter takes the Night off from the “Family”

Jets right tackle Wayne Hunter was excused from tonight’s practice for personal reasons, according to a team spokesperson. He attended meetings yesterday.

I know this is football and a business, but you got to feel bad for the guy.

I’m guessing he didn’t feel like taking the dire of the fans during “Family Night” and I don’t blame him.  Rex was smart to give him the night off.

Rex not looking?

“Right now to say we’re in the market for a starting tackle, I don’t believe that to be an accurate statement,” Ryan said.

Pictures like this are all over the net. I would have given him off as well.

I’m not buying it.  If the Jets are a business, which they are, you are always looking to make your team better.  Ryan is playing the PC game and better yet, he’s trying to be respectful to his player and not send him down the cosmic worm hole even further.  It’s what a good leader does, but deep down, you are looking for his replacement.  I still believe this tweet.

Now if they don’t find his replacement outside there are two options:  1.  Start Austin Howard or 2.  Bring in a blocking TE.  3.  Keep him in there and hope he gets better.