Jets’ WR Jordan White is Having a GREAT Camp

Jets’ WR Jordan White is Having a GREAT Camp

One Jets player I have been high on since we drafted him is the 7th round pick Jordan White.

I think he’s an absolute steal and he’s turning heads in preseason including last night at Family night.

I had a quick conversation with Jordan about his play at practice and he’s always looking to improve even when it looks like he absolutely tore it up in practice.


_JordanWhite Had an “average” at best type of practice today 8/21/12 8:01 PM
e_man@_JordanWhite: Had an “average” at best type of practice today” >> heard u ran smooth 8/21/12 8:03 PM
_JordanWhite @e_man ya just wanted to be better on some of my routes. Few things I could’ve done better 8/21/12 8:15 PM
Pr_Playman @_JordanWhite @e_man I love the not satisfied attitude! Keep getting better bro. 8/21/12 8:35 PM
_JordanWhite @Pr_Playman @e_man no doubt 8/21/12 8:36 PM

White with Beat Writer Kristian Dyer

Cleveland-native Jordan White, who the Jets picked in the seventh round of the 2012 draft, is having a strong training camp.

“I saw today he had a couple of deep balls with unbelievable coverage,” Rex Ryan said about the wide receiver out of Western Michigan. “One thing you can’t defend in this league is a perfectly thrown ball. We had a few of those today and Jordan White made a couple of those catches. He has great hands and concentration and he’ll fight for contested balls. We know he can catch the football. You don’t have 140 catches (in your senior season) by accident.

“I think he’s doing well. I think he’s making improvements. On some of his routes today, he ran the exact route he made a mistake on in the first preseason game. It looked like he did a great job of it and picked up a first down. I’m happy with the way he’s practicing and competing.” Via the Jets Confidential (Dan Leberfeld)

_JordanWhite Practice today. S/o @e_man for the pic. 8/21/12 10:26 PM

I don’t take these pictures, I just make them look better!

I think Jordan not only makes this team, he’s going to contribute from day one.  Do NOT be surprised if he passed Kerley on the depth chart as the slot receiver.  I also expect him to get in the special teams action.

  • Todd Johnson

    Jordan White is awesome. He is a huge steal. I went to WMU and was SHOCKED he wasn’t picked higher in the draft. He beat Greg Jennings’ records at WMU. He had one of the Big Ten’s best corners on him in our bowl game last year and he still got over 200 yards that game.

    He’s so good he could make Tebow look like a good passer! ;)