What to do with Wayne Hunter?

What to do with Wayne Hunter?

Forget about the talk of the New York Jets having a QB controversy.  Their issue lies with the offensive line.  I don’t care WHO you put back there as they will be running for their lives like Sanchez was doing with the first team and Tebow didn’t fair any better running with the 2′s.

Jets fans are an inpatient bunch, I know, I’m one of them and if I had a nickel for every time I had the phrase “It’s only preseason, relax” tweeted to me, I’d have enough money to buy a new right tackle.

RapSheet I am no genius, but if I designed an offense, I’d avoid Wayne Hunter vs. JPP 1-on-1. Ug. Ly. Not even fair #TivoDelay 8/18/12 7:41 PM

One of the Sacks allowed by Hunter

Yes, Jets fans are quick to point a finger or two at Wayne Hunter and want to make him the fall guy and what can I say, allowing four sacks (ok two officially, but he was involved in 1 team sack and 1 was called back) will do that.  I know the guy is hurt, and that this was his first game and that he’s a nice guy…. ok I’ll stop making excuses.  Wayne is having a tough go at it, and he knows it as well.

“Either you perform or you don’t perform. If I don’t, they’re going to find someone to bring in & compete & get the job done”

….Or if you keep playing like this Wayne, they will just plain CUT YOU.

BobGlauber After Wayne Hunter’s awful night, the Jets need to give serious consideration to starting Austin Howard at right tackle. 8/18/12 8:54 PM

I think the Jets know that Wayne would be a liability this season.  There were rumors that the Jets were trying to trade him.  Then they brought in veteran Jeff Otah who failed his physical and that plan back fired on the brass.

So what should the next move be concerning Hunter?

  • Keep him playing RT in hopes he works it out?
  • Demote him and take a chance on a backup, like Austin Howard?
  • Trade for a veteran?

Whatever the Jets next move is, they better protect Mark Sanchez.   Someone is going to get killed and the only question is will it be Mark Sanchez by defenders or Mike Tannenbaum by the fans first?

FiremanEd42 #6 cannot succeed or ANYBODY back there if your getting ur ass kicked that is how u turn ball over domino theory make a move MR.T #jets 8/19/12 12:59 PM


  • Katina

    What puzzles me is that the O line is poor across the board. It suggests that the real problem is the scheme rather than an individual’s failing. And I thought Sparano was an O line specialist who could get this sorted.
    Somebody better get it done soon.