Tim Tebow GQ Magazine Article Causes Stir on Talk Radio

Tim Tebow GQ Magazine Article Causes Stir on Talk Radio

Tim Tebow is on the cover of GQ Magazine for the September issue.  You can no longer call Mark Sanchez the GQ QB.  They both are, but there is a buzz about the article.  Read it here. 

In the spread, there is a photo of Tim in the Jesus Pose and it’s probably going to cause a stir.  GQ knows what they are doing, don’t they?   Cha-Ching.  Craiq Carton, on his show this morning had an issue with the photo inside.

But its a photo inside, where Tebow looks like he’s posing shirtless as Jesus Christ on the cross, legs crossed and arms outstretched, that had the Craig Carton, host of the WFAN sports radio show in New York City, going bonkers early Tuesday morning.

What Carton did not mention, and may not not have known, is that the photo had appeared before in the pages of the same magazine, when Tebow was quarterback for the Florida Gators college football team.

The photo from that article  has been digitally altered in the current issue of GQ to take out the Gators signage that was visible in the original pic, and also changed from a color photo to black and white, so that Tebow’s bright blue Gators football pants would not be so noticeable (his current team, the Jets, wear green).  Read More 

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The author of the article is a Jets fan and he writes that he tries to like Tim but here is an except and I don’t think it worked.

Because Tebow is inspiring! He’s got heart! He’s a born leader of men! All he does is win! Right. I forgot. Here is where the cult of Tim Tebow departs from the world of measurable fact and enters the realm of religiosity, where every one of his accomplishments, no matter how modest—Oh, my goodness, he beat the deeply shitty Miami Dolphins!—gets transformed into evidence of divine Providence, simply because Tebow says it is. Never mind that 75 percent of all football players credit Jesus after every win. Tebow’s devout Christianity is devoutier than yours. When he thanks Jesus, Jesus winks back.


This, really, is the root of my beef with Tebowmania: It has nothing to do with football. It’s a sales pitch—a sensation built on evangelism, not ability, powered by people who see a chance to turn the NFL into the next front of the culture war. And now that culture war is coming to my team.  Read More


  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.stillmunks Daniel Stillmunks

    Tim putting his arms out horizontally does not, does NOT resemble Jesus.
    I couldn’t believe the nasty comments , phew.