Chad Pennington at Jets Camp working with Sanchez and Tebow

Chad Pennington at Jets Camp working with Sanchez and Tebow

The Jets got a visit from an old friend to hang out with their two quarterbacks.  Chad Pennington was at Jets camp today.

BrianCoz Sanchez ran over to give Pennington a hug between drills. The two spent time together in Florida in March #nyj 8/14/12 8:56 AM
DWAZ73 Chad Pennington gets big hand from players as he addresses #Jets at end of practice. 8/14/12 10:49 AM

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Former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington stopped by Cortland, N.Y., to tutor Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow in training camp. Besides being a former player, Pennington has several additional ties to the Jets. Pennington worked with Sanchez this offseason and also has a good relationship with New York offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who coached Pennington with the Miami Dolphins.  Via ESPN


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FauxJohnMadden Chad Pennington to tutor Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. As a result, expect Sanchez and Tebow to miss 8-12 months with an injury. 8/14/12 10:54 AM
robinlundberg Chad Pennington is working with the Jets quarterbacks. He can teach them how to throw; just not hard. 8/14/12 10:39 AM
Buck_Fuffalo Heard Chad Pennington is at Jets camp coaching Sanchez and Jesus. That makes me sad. I guess we have to go back to disliking CP10. 8/14/12 9:35 AM
AndrewLucksHead BREAKING: Chad Pennington is tutoring Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. This is like a blind guy teaching two other blind guys how to not be blind 8/14/12 10:34 AM