Slow Down with the Quinton Coples Praise

Slow Down with the Quinton Coples Praise

I guess I should start every post with “Chill out, it’s only Pre-season” when I write a Jets story good or bad, but I will say that I like what I see so far from rookie Quinton Coples in the first game action.

QueCeasar Hello world and #jetsnation just want to thank all of you guys for the support and luv y’all showed me last night meant a lot…#ganggreen 8/11/12 9:06 PM

Coples has been relatively quiet in training camp but he’s got the tools to be very good in this league.  Says Dunbar his line coach:

]He’s got incredible burst and great body control,” Dunbar said. “And that’s the thing that we saw when he played in college. You saw it at the combine.

“And if he can use those things to help us,” he added, pounding his fist on the table for emphasis, “we’re going to be a better defense ’cause of it.”

Quinton Coples, I thought, had a tremendous game,” coach Rex Ryan said. ” . . . That’s not surprising, but I was happy to see it nonetheless.”

damienwoody Time to elevate Coples to the varsity squad 8/10/12 9:52 PM

Remember, Quinton did the most damage to the second and third teams.  I hold my judgement for when he plays four quarters against starters.

I’m with Fireman Ed, you can’t assume that because he did well after his first preseason game that he will be a stud, but it was good to see.

FiremanEd42 Slow down with coples praises, parcells says he is not rollerskating into Canton quite yet Let the kid play n PRAY hes aSTUD 8/11/12 4:38 PM

Even funny man and die hard Jets fan Jay Mohr makes a good point:

jaymohr37 You can’t say Tebow was “only playing against the 2nd team” and then say how great Quinton Coples looked against the second team. 8/10/12 10:12 PM