My Tim Tebow Concern

My Tim Tebow Concern

I knew this season was going to be very different than past one’s as soon as Tim Tebow was announced as being traded to the Jets, but after the first preseason game, I had no idea it wold be like this.

What am I talking about?  Just about everything from ESPN’s crazy coverage of the Jets because of Tim as the center piece, reporting of his every move on just about every news source,  to his legions of Fans reminding me often on twitter that he is amazing beyond football.

Now I have nothing against Tim Tebow, let’s set the record straight, but what I have an issue is when Tim gets in the way of everything else Jets.  Whether you believe it or not, there are other players on the team and one that is getting a ton of pressure is Mark Sanchez.

Some say that it’s Mark’s job to lose, but I tell you that the competition is fixed from the start.  There is no way you can call this a level playing field.  I saw a tweet that said that there are camera man assigned to follow every move Tim makes during the games.  Why?

I’ll tell you why we are getting a heavy dose of Tebow.  It’s obvious, he sells and as long as there is demand, there will be supply.  My concern as a die-hard-jets fan is that this will be coming to a head soon.  There is no way that we can go the entire season without something bending and eventually breaking.  I just hope that the coaching staff stick to their plan, whatever that is, and will not cave to the pressures of public demand.

Maybe it is their plan to bring Tim Tebow in the middle of the season if Mark throws two interceptions in a row, or maybe the plan is to stay with Mark no matter how bad he tanks.  Regardless of the plan, I just hope that the screams for Tebow the first game of the regular season don’t alter their mindset of the approach for the 2012 season.

I had recently said on one of my latest podcasts that Mark Sanchez is poised to have a great season based on the little things I have been witnessing from the starting QB, but I will say that my confidence level diminished just a tad after the first preseason game.  The reason is that I don’t think I really had a handle of the Tim Tebow phenomenon (I thought I did).

Who wants to start? TIM: "Me" MARK: "ME ME ME ME, Hello!"

What I’ve learned is that Tebow supporters want Tim to start no matter what.  It’s not fair for me to say that all of them want Sanchez to fail, but from what I’ve read on twitter, they want their guy to take the Jets to the promised land as the starting QB not the punt protector.  I have to admit that when I saw a Tebow supporter cheer on twitter after Mark was sacked, it turned me off.

I had a couple of Tebow supporters unfollow me because when I tweet during games, it is COMPLETELY different than my off season tweeting.  I had given them a warning but they had no idea of the quantity and just plain truth.  I don’t tweet with any filter, a Tebow Filter or a Sanchez Filter, but rather than a blunt fast reaction truth.

e_man PSA: #Jets Football is back, and if anyone that knows me, my twitter account is going to go crazy. You’ve been warned. 8/10/12 7:29 PM

In the past on twitter, you had to deal with just the rival fans.  With Tebow on the team, Jets fans have to deal  in addition to the rival fans, a new “additional team”, Team Tebow.  After every Mark or Tim play, some Tebow fans are tweeting me like they are against the Jets in a similar fashion as the  the rivals.

Now this isn’t a bash on Tebow fans, or it isn’t my intent.  I know you love your guy and that’s fine.  This is written from a DIE-HARD Jets fan who is happy to have the talents of Mr. Tebow on the Jets.  My concern is that he may be bigger than any team in the NFL  The Broncos found out and despite his talents shipped him out for a song as fast as they could.  There might be something to that.  I hope the Jets can weather the storm and stay the course.

Poll Results:  Do you Share my Concern?

Anyone else feel like I do, or am I on an island, “Manassy Island”?  Let me know your thoughts.  I’m curious to see if you are experiencing the same thing I am.  One thing is for certain, I’m getting just a little nervous about this season.

  • Fmacias83

    Hands down they need an o line a full back!

  • Jet Fan in SoFla

    i agree that rex/coaches have a “plan” in place and won’t bow to pressure from fans, and the players are on board with it. i’m hoping they discussed the very real possibility of intense fan/media pressure and are ready for it coming.

  • Jerry

    I’m a Jets fan that goes back to the Sack Exchange days. I’ve never drank the Tebow koolaid, I was not a fan of his during his Florida days. I’ll give him his credit that he did win. But the college game is different from the NFL,  even in Florida I thought that he didn’t possess an NFL arm.  The guy can run, and has knack for winning games at the end.  But you know what Sanchez has also won games in the 4thQ.  Tebow’s accuracy will never be good enough to lead a team long term in my opinion. This is Mark’s job to lose, I’m skeptical that Rex and Tony would change QBs based on fan pressure, in fact I would really be disappointed if this were to be the case. I’ll root for Tebow but not a the expense of the Jets. I like Tebow more than I did in the past, but when Tebow leaves so will his legion, they’ll never be Jets fans long term. 

  • R.O.B

    Jets fan here, and I think Tebow was, is and will be a mistake the jets come to rue as time goes along.  He gets attention for himself and not the team.  This will not end well I just hope Sanchez survives it b/c I’m already chalking this season up to bad front office management and inability to to address needs the right way, so they attempt to deflect attention away from the problems (RT, WR2) with a distraction (Tebow)

  • BigGreenRob

    I couldn’t agree more. This worries me for the Jets 2012 season. People need to remember it the NY Jets, not the NY Tebows. I back Sanchez all the way as our NY Jets QB. I just hope he can hold it together with all this hype. An I will say this, if Sanchez can stay strong and not crack under the pressure of the NY media, National media (because of Tebow), and Tebowmania, he can handle anything and he is our guy 100%.