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Fireman Ed Shouts out his Favorite Jets Bloggers

Fireman Ed Shouts out his Favorite Jets Bloggers

Fireman Ed once told me that he reads just about EVERYTHING on the New York Jets.  You many not see him on social media participating a lot but trust me, he’s watching and listening and reading if you are putting content out there.

He put a shout out to all the blogs and jets shows he reads!

FiremanEd42 #jetsinsider,#jetnation,#jetstwit,#jetflight5 live all great social media info for jets fans check em out! #Jet fans standing united #truth 8/8/12 9:23 PM

Lately he’s been making the rounds on all the great Podcast’s and Radio shows that fans put out.

FiremanEd42 #jet fans I will be on jetsinsider radio tonite at 8pm talking about hall of fame weekend for Curtis our favorite Martin. Tune in Go Jets! 8/8/12 7:09 PM
JetsInsider Much thanks to @FiremanEd42 for his great spot on JetsInsider Radio! You can download on iTunes, search “jetsinsider” #jets #nfl #nyj 8/9/12 8:59 AM

I had the opportunity to hang out with him for quite some time this past Saturday at Curtis Martin’s Enshrinement ceremony.  Here is my article and podcast about the experience.

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