Jets are at it again with another fight at Practice

Jets are at it again with another fight at Practice

Off the heals of a Jets Brawl in yesterday’s practice, it seems like the Jets players didn’t get the message and were at it again.  This time Rex made them pay.  How?  Running.

SethWalder Second time team was yelled at for fighting today. 8/7/12 9:57 AM
SethWalder Keller and Cro got into it after a 7on7 play. Rex is pissed, and now the whole team is running. 8/7/12 9:56 AM

KMart_LI: A pissed off Rex making whole tm run wind sprints now. Unreal #nyj

DWAZ73 One player yelled: “We understand … We’re sorry!” … #Jets still running gassers as Rex watches. 8/7/12 9:55 AM
MMehtaNYDN Rex Ryan yells at team after a skirmish breaks out between Keller and Cromartie, I think. Now players penalty is to run sideline to sideline 8/7/12 9:54 AM
BrianCoz Ganaway and Davis got into a fight earlier. Rex warned the team if there was another fight, the team would run. #nyj 8/7/12 9:53 AM
BrianCoz The marathon is over after 10 sprints across the length of the field twice #nyj 8/7/12 10:00 AM

Many have said this is Rex Ryan losing control of his team when the fight broke out yesterday but you want my honest opinion?  THIS IS NORMAL.  But because we are the New York Jets Circus, the media is hyping this up.  When players fight, it means just one thing:  They are ready for their first pre-season game.