Curtis Martin: “Football was like a headache to me”

Curtis Martin: “Football was like a headache to me”

Curtis Martin on the heals of going into the hall of fame sat down with the media yesterday to talk about his football life.  He didn’t like football, he didn’t like NY, and he certainly didn’t like the New York Jets.

Curtis Martin never dreamed of making the Pro Football Hall of Fame when he was a kid. He never even dreamed of playing football.

That’s something childhood friends have reminded the former Jets star of in the months since his election to the Hall of Fame.

“Most of the people are surprised simply because I was the last person they thought would play football,” Martin said yesterday in a gathering with reporters at a Manhattan restaurant. “Football was like a headache to me. It was something I felt like I didn’t have the time to do, didn’t want to do. To me, it just wasn’t fun.”

“I didn’t like New York at all,” said Martin, who still lives on Long Island. “Beyond not liking New York, I didn’t like the Jets. … I didn’t want to play for, what was in my mind, the worst team ever. I looked at the Jets as the bottom of the barrel.

I’m not going to lie.  This is the first time I read this and boy do these words sting, for just about 2 seconds, and now I’m over it.  Curtis was right, we were the bottom of the barrel and he was a Patriot, of course he hated the Jets.  I expect nothing less, but I’m so glad that he had a mentor like Bill Parcells because let’s face it, without that relationship, we aren’t going to Canton in a little over a week.