Laron Landry Tweets to People Reacting to him on the PUP List

Laron Landry Tweets to People Reacting to him on the PUP List

The Jets traded for a player today and announced some players making the PUP list, including Laron Landry.  Laron, acquired this off-season and is still nursing an injury, took to twitter to respond to people.   I can only assume based on his tweet that he’s getting some hate tweets:

MrLandry30 To all tweeting bout PUP…keep assuming the worst!!! We have a great organization that makes great decisions to WIN!!! Training camp-SB 7/23/12 8:43 PM

Upon looking up tweets to Laron, I in fact found some tweets that may have spurred his reaction:

redskinheart @MrLandry30 damn dude u still on the PUP list. I wish u the best but please stop body building an focus on your health. SMH!! LOL!! #HTTR!! 7/23/12 7:52 PM
joehinners @MrLandry30 will start season on PUP list.suprised?im not.dude is beast when healthy but that’s never. #httr 7/23/12 7:30 PM
sweiss2888 @MrLandry30 starts the season on the PUP list again. Shock? No. Happy we got rid of the donk. Guy can’t stay healthy. #HTTR 7/23/12 7:18 PM
Daddy_Jack That foot injury better not be serious @MrLandry30 we gave up on Jim Leonhard for you yo. 7/23/12 5:49 PM
johndowneyjr91 @MrLandry30 u roided as f*ck lmao 7/23/12 6:11 AM


MrLandry30 We don’t deal with weak squares in this power circle!!! All assumptions are cool with me… Lol 7/23/12 9:15 PM