Jets Trade for Panthers’ Jeff Otah with Twitter Reaction

Jets Trade for Panthers’ Jeff Otah with Twitter Reaction

The Jets have traded a conditional 7th-round pick to the Panthers for OT Jeff Otah.  Jeff is listed at 6’6″ 330lbs and is a former number one draft pick in 2008.

AdamSchefter Jets traded conditional 7th-round pick to Panthers for Jeff Otah. Panthers traded conditional 7th-round pick to Oakland for Louis Murphy. 7/23/12 6:58 PM
AdamSchefter One reason Carolina was willing to trade talented OT Jeff Otah to the Jets was because he is entering the last year of his contract. 7/23/12 5:30 PM

Otah comes with his share of baggage, so he’s anything but a sure thing. He has played in only 29 games in four seasons, having missed 31 of the last 35 games because of injuries to his left knee. In fact, he tweaked the knee last month in an OTA, setting off alarm bells in Carolina.

My Take:  Many Jets fans are just giddy over this pickup and I’m happy that the Jets are deciding to finally add some depth to their lineup, I’m not so sure Otah may be 100% healthy.  If he passes his physical and makes it through camp, I’m sure he’ll be listed as the starter as he has way more talent than Wayne Hunter.

What concerns me is that in the last 35 games he missed 31!  31!  That is a lot of missed playing time.

Let’s not write off Hunter so fast though.  The man is coming into camp more determined than ever after last season, but if he does lose the starting job, he’s a good backup to have.  He did well in the past in a platooning role, and I don’t have enough faith in Vlad Ducasse to step up to challenge either Otah or Hunter.

In fact, I think Ducasse is flirting with the bust label if he doesn’t get it together this year.


Fan Reaction (Panthers Fans)

TheoneBpro I’m so glad the panthers traded Jeff otah. He was a wasted first round pick 7/23/12 8:34 PM
jghassell Ah, we finally got rid of Jeff Otah. We should have paid the Jets to take him. 7/23/12 8:30 PM
McShaddy703 Jeff Otah to the Jets and Louis Murphy to the Panthers….#PointlessTransactionsOfTheDay 7/23/12 8:27 PM
kolumvia09 The panthers f*cked up when they let jeff otah go 7/23/12 8:10 PM
JRiley_81 Jeff Otah gotta traded for a 7th round pick!!!! #upserd 7/23/12 8:08 PM
HitmanHollaAdam We traded Jeff Otah?!? So much going on right now 7/23/12 7:56 PM
BrettCasella Why did the Panthers trade Jeff Otah!? 7/23/12 7:54 PM
cast_nation Why would we trade Jeff otah for only a 7th round pick..doesn’t make sense 7/23/12 7:46 PM
theRaGeRyeaaa So the #Panthers finally got rid of Jeff Otah #Hallejuah 7/23/12 7:44 PM
DrRyanLove Ecstatic to see the @Panthers making moves. Welcome to the squad, @murph918. Really sad to see Jeff Otah traded away though. #mixedemotions 7/23/12 7:33 PM
The_JBoogie Panthers traded Jeff Otah. He’s a beast, but stays hurt. Time to move on. 7/23/12 7:12 PM

Fan Reaction (Jets Fans)

howaboutafresca The Jets get Jeff Otah! All they have to do now is give him Wayne Hunter’s knees and RT spot is all set… 7/23/12 7:49 PM
mockdraft101 You often don’t see trades involving expiring deals in football. If Jeff Otah stays healthy he’s an immediate upgrade at RT 7/23/12 7:42 PM
TDimas_ Great addition by the #Jets. Jeff Otah will be immediate help on the o-line. 7/23/12 7:36 PM
Mart0rana Jeff Otah is a nice pick up. 7/23/12 7:31 PM
ShawnPlaisted The jets really got jeff otah with a 7th round pick what a steal 7/23/12 7:29 PM
GetatME3388 So the Jets decided to trade for Jeff Otah I guess because someone said “Can he really suck more than Wayne Hunter?” 7/23/12 7:27 PM
JohnnyLarson89 Congrats to my boy Jeff Otah from valley forge who just got picked up by the new york jets!! 7/23/12 7:27 PM
DangDre Jeff Otah got traded for a 7th rd pick?!! He’s an animal!!! 7/23/12 7:15 PM
Child_Please_23 Cam Newton’s career is over, the Panthers traded Jeff Otah….#JETSJUSTWONTHESUPERBOWL 7/23/12 7:12 PM
MattDiener Well done by the Jets getting Jeff Otah! 7/23/12 7:07 PM