Revis Plans to Report on Time, How the News Broke Last Night

Revis Plans to Report on Time, How the News Broke Last Night

Most Jets fans are waking up to a report that was put out by the AP Jets Beatwriter Dennis Waszak Jr. that Darrelle Revis will be reporting to Training camp on time!

DWAZ73 @AP source: #Jets’ Darrelle Revis plans to report to training camp on time. 7/21/12 12:20 AM

A person familiar with the decision said the New York Jets’ All-Pro cornerback expects to report with the rest of his teammates next Thursday in Cortland, N.Y., rather than hold out in a contract dispute for the second time in three summers. - Full Story Here

The night started when John Geiger, Darrelle’s marketing manager, put out a tweet asking where the best place to stay in Cortland would be.  I, like some other Jets beat writers, put 2 and 2 together and took that tweet to mean that Revis would show up in camp.  I wrote a story about it here.

The tweet was deleted and speculation was running rampant on twitter.  Then Dennis broke the news around 1am (why was I still up, but I’m glad I was) that Revis WAS in fact not going to hold out!

I then was obviously excited and starting tweeting like a crazed maniac and John replied to one of my tweets that basically confirmed the news in my mind:

e_man My gut knows… #Revis 7/21/12 12:47 AM
JohnGeiger_ @e_man always follow your gut. 7/21/12 12:57 AM

I’ve been saying on every post and podcast the last couple of weeks that from what I’ve been seeing (reading the tea leaves I call it) my gut started to tell me that there was no way that Darrelle was going to hold out.  I’m never one to brag, but on this occasion, I love being right.

Jets fans can relax knowing a Revis holdout will not be one of the topics in training camp!  Yes!

e_man @DWAZ73 nice scoop Dennis 7/21/12 1:24 AM
DWAZ73 Thanks, man … see you up in Cortland. 7/21/12 1:49 AM