A Deleted Tweet May Hold the Answer to Whether Darrelle Revis Shows to Training Camp

A Deleted Tweet May Hold the Answer to Whether Darrelle Revis Shows to Training Camp

It started with a simple tweet from Darrelle Revis’ marketing manager John Geiger and then turned into something, or maybe it didn’t.   John asked the best place to stay in Cortland?  So why is that a big deal?  Well, why would John be going to Cortland if Darrelle was going to be holding out?  Exactly.  Maybe this is a good sign!

e_man RT @JohnGeiger_: Where is a good place to stay in Cortland? >> oh and it sounds like Revis is coming to town. ;) 7/20/12 8:41 PM

But then people picked up on that tweet immediately and starting to tweet and RT his tweet in a flurry.   Then the Jet beat writers picked up on the tweet and then it disappeared.

Our buddies over at @5NLive put out a tweet joking about the speculation but John replied in a serious manner.  Was it a big deal, I think so!  NFL.com picked up the story.

5NLive Lol the Revis crew is doggin’ everyone again? Too funny. 7/20/12 9:53 PM
JohnGeiger_ @5NLive I’m really not trying to dog anyone, or throw anyone off, just sucks I can’t make a comment or ask a question. 7/20/12 10:01 PM
nadrod24 @JohnGeiger_ @5nlive everyone over blows everything, especially in this town @santonio10 was spot on with what he said yesterday 7/20/12 10:03 PM
PatriotsXLVII @JohnGeiger_ @5nlive @e_man No worries! You added excitement to everyone’s night. Like fireworks for Jets fans! Lol 7/20/12 10:06 PM
5NLive @JohnGeiger_ Wasn’t meant to be offensive. You know we totally support Darrelle and co. All love, John. Sorry for any misinterpretation. 7/20/12 10:17 PM

So what does this mean?  Is Darrelle Revis coming to camp and NOT holding out?  My money is on he’s coming to training camp on time.  We shall see.  Or maybe this is a lot of nothing.