Tim Tebow to be used in the Red Zone?

Tim Tebow to be used in the Red Zone?

A report from Rich Cimini today stated that Team Insiders say the plan is to use Tim Tebow in the Redzone.  Not sure if that means every time they make the red zone they pull Mark Sanchez out of the game, but if I’m Mark, I hate it.

Tebow will be one of the most closely watched players in the NFL. Why? Because he’s Tim Tebow. Another reason is because of his role: What is he? The Jets say he’s the No. 2 quarterback and will be used in the Wildcat package. They haven’t divulged any specifics, but it’ll probably be closer to the read-option offense he ran in Denver than a true Wildcat, which is a direct snap to a running back.

Team insiders say the plan is to use Tebow in the red zone, where they can replace Sanchez with another player/blocker to bolster the running game.       Read More

This is kind of surprising to me considering the Jets had the 2nd BEST Red Zone offense in the NFL last season.  The stats below are only looking at TDs Scored, not field goals.   Since they are bringing in Tebow, how did the Broncos do in this category?  26th!  Now if you look at just the last 3 games of the season for the Jets, they faltered a little by only earning a 46.15% percentage.

The Jets had Plaxico Burress last year and he’s not with the team, but do have another large target in rookie Stephen Hill.

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