What I think….. Players getting ready; Prayer Groups; and Mort says No Revis

What I think….. Players getting ready; Prayer Groups; and Mort says No Revis

Here are some random quick hits for July 16th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Some players are tweeting and showing you how they are getting ready for Training Camp.

So NON-Jet fans are heading to Cortland for prayer groups?

Revis Holdout Looming?  Mortenson puts in his .02.

Hit 1:  Players are getting ready for Camp

Here is a video of TE Josh Baker doing some kind of crazy workout in the Texas heat!  Man, what’s with the mask?


and a picture that Jordan White the rookie WR posted of him studying the Jets Playbook on his iPad:

Very good use of the Blur. Don't want that puppy getting out!


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Hit 2:  Church Groups in Droves in Cortland?!?

Kitty Jones—owner of Spirit & Life bookstore (the “only Christian bookstore” in Cortland)—likely thought. Tebow’s here. He’s a Christian. Andhe wrote a book about being both Tim Tebow and a Christian! It’s the perfect storm. We can hold a book signing right here in the store and Spirit & Life will be able to fill its coffers for sure.

“They said he is not doing any more signings this year,” Jones said. “I wish he would change his mind. I mean he is going to be here for a month.”

Someone needs to boo the backup quarterback for once.

I find this interesting.  Do these people REALLY think they are going to run into Tim in a preacher setting?  Tim is there for football, that’s it!

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Hit 3:  A Revis Holdout Looming?

This isn’t news, or maybe it is today because Chris Mortenson on Mike and Mike this morning stirred the pot by saying it’s anyone’s guess if he shows up to training camp on time.  Mortenson said today:

The Jets are going to see what Revis does.  He is playing like he is one of the top football players in the NFL…. …If they let him sit out again, and then pull a hamstring and not be the guy they are paying for.

I’ll be surprised if he is there day 1!