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Now That’s a Cake! The Darrelle Revis Version.

Now That’s a Cake!  The Darrelle Revis Version.

So the REAL Birthday bash for Darrelle Revis happened last night (according to these tweets) and it must have been a great party.  Check out that CAKE for Mr. Revis.

We saw a picture of Darrelle posing with a cake yesterday, but once I saw this cake I was like wow, now that’s what I want for my birthday this year!

JohnGeiger_ @revis24 birthday cake. http://t.co/jGv23lR4 7/15/12 3:48 AM

Now that's a cake


Revis Island and Sneakers. What else did you expect?

JohnGeiger_ @realBigWorm @thenamesdan23 be safe fellas, we balled outfor pa tonight 7/15/12 6:59 AM
realBigWorm@JohnGeiger_: we balled Vegas brotha hope yal had the time we did 7/15/12 7:02 AM