Has Santonio Holmes REALLY Changed his Ways? What does 2012 Hold?

Has Santonio Holmes REALLY Changed his Ways?  What does 2012 Hold?

Are you a Jets fan that believes Santonio Holmes has changed his attitude from last year (being a selfish WR Diva) and has turned the corner?  How can YOU be sure that we won’t get a repeat of last season?

If Mark Sanchez is doing his thing and feeding Santonio the ball, I suspect everything will be quiet and you will see all smiles, but what happens if Mark struggles?  What happens if Tony Sparano actually DOES commit to the run game and the passing game becomes second fiddle?

Holmes is listed as the number 1 receiver, but if last year is any indication, he’ll have to watch Dustin Keller (or someone else) be the main target for Sanchez, that’s if they throw the ball.

Tone and Brian

Tone Tells my Friend “Things will be DIFFERENT”

Look, I’m not the only one with questions.  I want to believe that Santonio means what he says when he told my friend Brian Imbemba Jr., @NYJSec133 and Co-Host of Flight 5 Live, that this year will be different.  Brian is coming off his prize winning trip to hang out with Tone one on one at the ESPYs this past week and tells me he got to have a talk for over 2 hours with the receiver.

I really wish more people had to sit and get to know him as a person and he really is a good guy and he’s really misunderstood by a lot of people.

I looked at him and said “Are you ready for 2012? ” and he just shot me this look and he didn’t have to say a word, like he was ready to come out and eat it up.  You can tell he wants it bad. – Go watch Brian on his show talk about his full experience at the ESPYs.

Brian teases me all the time about Tone and me being his number 1 fan (and yes he uses sarcasm).  As I explained multiple times, I don’t hate anyone in my life and that includes Santonio Holmes.  I get disappointed in certain actions, and I admit I came down hard on him way before his meltdown in the Miami Dolphins game to end the season.  I expect professionals to act a certain way, and that includes the number 1 receiver of my favorite team.

LT Still believes there is a Chance Tone can Sour

Just don’t take my opinion.  Listen to what LaDainian Tomlinson said on the Rich Eisen Podcast.  You know LT is only one of the best running backs in NFL history and is known as a Pro’s Pro.  He has been very vocal since the season ended talking about the Jets locker room and his former teammates and he didn’t stop talking this past week.

“If (by) Week 6, if they haven’t thrown the ball more than 15 times a game, and Santonio is not getting his catches, you may hear some things (with) him speaking out. I hope Santonio learned from what happened last year. You have to learn from your previous mistakes,” Tomlinson, now retired, said on NFL Network’s The Rich Eisen Podcast on Thursday.

Holmes had just 51 catches and a career-low 654 receiving yards in 2011 and vented frustration on and off the field.

However, Tomlinson also opined that the moody wideout might buy into a dual quarterback system knowing Tebow’s running ability might serve to open things up for the offense whether he’s under center or perhaps putting the Jets in down-and-distance situations that allow Mark Sanchez to make more shots in the passing game.

“Mark’s our quarterback,” L.T. said. “Tebow will be our Wildcat quarterback whenever we want to ground and pound. Santonio may be able to accept that a little bit more than playing musical chairs.”

 Tone will have to prove on and off the Field he’s Changed

I’m fresh off my trip from Disney World where I was trying to represent my favorite team by wearing various Jets apparel and even getting in a blog post and podcast in. 

Representing my Jets creates a lot of looks and mostly my favorite discussion either from other Jets fans or mostly haters.



I was standing in line with my Jets hat on with my family at my hotels dining room looking for something to eat.  One of the chefs came up to me and asked me if I was wearing the sideline cap from 2012 (he was close, it was 2011′s) and it sparked Jet conversation.  He asked me what I thought the record would be and how far would we go.

Without hesitation I said, 9-7 the worst, higher if we gel and things go our way but we will be in the playoffs.  His response was fast and it was “Well, one guy better get it together and that is Santonio Holmes”.  My reply was “Not a fan?” to which he replied  “I don’t like selfish guys.  He needs to be a team player and acting like a Diva and quitting is unacceptable.”.

I actually defended Tone and said that I expect him to change and you will see an improved attitude.  What was I basing this on?  Just my gut.  I do believe that Tone took a lot of heat for the failure of last season and rightfully so but to put it all on him is a little unfair.  This is where public perception comes into play though, and he was the whipping boy because his meltdown was so public and sudden at the end.  His attitude with the press didn’t help him, but like I said before, I believe Tone doesn’t care what people think about him, and certainly doesn’t care what the media thinks.

Because I know someone who actually sat down and spoke to him for 2 hours, I truly believe he might be misunderstood.  Unfortunately most fans do not get that opportunity to sit with players one on one to understand their thinking and I have to go with what is reported by the media.  (He should, it would make his life easier).

I truly hope that Santonio has learned his lesson from last year, and that 2012 will not be repeat if things to go sour.  Santonio is the sleeper on this offense and I truly believe will be the key if we are successful this year.

Tone on NFL Total Access Monday Night

One way we will know he has changed is when he makes public appearances and talks to the media or appears on shows.  Speaking of which, Jets fans will get an opportunity tomorrow when he appears on NFL Total Access.

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