Jets West is a Wrap

Jets West is a Wrap

Mark Sanchez’s Jets West Camp is a wrap.  There wasn’t much coming out of the camp like previous years and that was done on purpose.  This year it was top secret and Mark even went as far as to hire armed security guards to keep the people out.

Some fans were able to go as contest winners and sit in watch the very private workouts.

Some comments and tweets with pictures did make it out but it was done by some of the players as well as Mark’s trainer who helped with the camp Todd Norma from Cutting Edge Sports.

GVMcElroy Great week at Jets West! Heading to Dallas for the night then Nashville tomorrow. 7/14/12 4:50 PM
RepChrist24 LAX is still tripping…delayed bags and now one of them is lost! Worst airport in America no joke. SmH 7/14/12 3:08 PM
Todd_Norman Here I am in action at Jets West Camp gettin that on-field core work in. 7/14/12 7:52 PM

@jconner38 showing why he hits like a Mack Truck! #getouttheway
7/12/12 5:21 PM

Steiny31 #Jets West celebrated Katsuya’s one-year anniversary in Laguna Beach. @FlightPhase, @RepChrist24 @Mark_Sanchez & more. 7/14/12 1:53 PM