Revis’ Big News for this Weekend Explained by Manager

Revis’ Big News for this Weekend Explained by Manager

If you were plugged in to twitter on the 4th of July, you would have seen a weird tweet from Darrelle Revis about being traded.  That obviously was a hoax and was explained Revis and his Manager John Geiger that it was the work of a hacker.

Revis then put out a tweet that he was “A Jet for Life” and then lost in all that hoopla was a tweet put out by John that said they DO have big news this upcoming weekend and that of course fueled more speculation.

You have to assume that this could have been big news about his contract with talks of possibly Darrelle holding out this year.

I guess the heat was getting hot so John put out another tweet to clarify:

JohnGeiger_ Actually we have some real news coming this weekend…. Stay posted. 7/4/12 7:50 PM
JohnGeiger_ let me clarify.., any real news this weekend would be about nike, not the jets. 7/5/12 8:19 PM

I put out a podcast yesterday talking about it, and I called it on the show that this would not be an announcement about a contract.