Darrelle Revis’ Twitter Account Hacked

Darrelle Revis’ Twitter Account Hacked

It was sudden and it was brief.  Darrelle tweeted, or his account did, that he was traded and he said some choice words to his manager and agent.  The tweet was deleted FAST but yes, we got our hands on it:

Revis24 F*ck You @johngeiger_ & @schwartzfeinsod for getting me traded. 7/4/12 6:32 PM

What normally is a slow Fourth of July internet day turned worrisome for some Jets fans paying attention.  Revis changed his password and then he and his manager John got on twitter to clean up the mess:

no worries, i was not traded and my account was hacked, i love @ and @ , thank you, have a safe and happy 4th!
Darrelle Revis
JohnGeiger_ He was not traded, I am with @Revis24 as we speak he was hacked… Thank you be safe and have a great 4th 7/4/12 6:58 PM
JohnGeiger_ People have no lives. 7/4/12 6:59 PM
JohnGeiger_ Lol just changed his password for the 100th time. 7/4/12 7:05 PM
JohnGeiger_ When the #jets win the Super Bowl this year we going to laugh about this… 7/4/12 7:08 PM
e_man RevisIsland is not a good password. #justsaying ;) 7/4/12 7:02 PM
JohnGeiger_ @e_man lol 7/4/12 7:10 PM

So it looks like the Revis camp DOES have some news coming out this weekend.  What could it be?  My money is on a sponsor.

JohnGeiger_ Actually we have some real news coming this weekend…. Stay posted. 7/4/12 7:50 PM