DVR Alert: ‘E! Tim Tebow’s Wild Rise’ Premieres 7/2

DVR Alert: ‘E! Tim Tebow’s Wild Rise’ Premieres 7/2

Set the DVR if you are into Tim Tebow.  He’ll be on tonight at 8:00pm ET.

Tonight at 8PM ET

E! examines a fascinating athlete who has transcended sports to become a full-fledged pop icon in the upcoming E! Entertainment Special: Tim Tebow’s Wild Rise. His extraordinary success on the football field, coupled with his religious devotion and infectious charm, have made Tebow a beloved and controversial figure … but love him or hate him, Tim Tebow has undeniably captured America’s attention.


“Even his opponents sometimes would ask for his autograph.” – Craig Howard, Tebow’s High School Football Coach

“People that knew him like myself growing up or were close to him, we knew that was just Timmy. That’s just who he was.” – Will Oakley, Tebow’s High School Friend

“There was definitely the naysayers that thought he was a fake, that thought all this stuff that was out there about Tim, even the football players probably thought like, ‘where’s the real Tim? This can’t be real Tim.’” – Justin Giangrande, Tebow’s College Friend

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