What I think…. about the New York Jets for June 19, 2012

What I think…. about the New York Jets for June 19, 2012

Here are some random quick hits for June 19th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Hey Jets Fans, Don’t be like this guy.

LT, Thanks for being on the Jets.

A freebie for you to enjoy.

Hit 1: Pretending to be the President to get to Tebow, NOT GOOD

HOPATCONG — Charges of creating false public alarms have been filed against a northern New Jersey man who allegedly made repeated 9-1-1 calls, then called police headquarters and said he was the president and wanted to speak with New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.


Hopatcong police say Jason Slater, 28, made three 9-1-1 calls on June 10, but refused each time to give dispatchers any information on why he was calling.

He then called headquarters, and police went to his home to make sure there was no emergency.


The man’s mother met officers at the door and allowed them inside, where they searched for the man but could not find him. After getting the mother’s permission to search her bedroom, the man was found inside her closet, hiding under some pillows.


Slater cursed patrol officers numerous times after they found him, police said.


After he was processed at police headquarters and released, Slater threw his summons complaint on the ground while leaving the building. An officer warned him to pick up the summons, and he did, but he again threw it on the ground by the Dunkin Donuts, police said.


Slater was then issued a summons for littering. He has also been charged with hindering apprehension.

The kid who pulled this stunt, not smart.  Everyone has got to assume that Tim Tebow is a republican.  I mean come one, Pro-Life, religious etc.  Posing as the president, do you really think Tim would have dropped everything for that call?  Well, it’s Tebow, so probably yes.  I joke people, so don’t get nuts here, but seriously, what was this kid thinking?

Tebow met the President so he probably would have taken the call

First you call 911, then you say it’s the president demanding to talk to Tebow.  You run in your mothers room where the cops find you under pillows in the closet.  You get arrested and as you are walking out of the police facility, you throw the summons down on the ground in a rage.  You get warned, pick it up, walk to the Dunking Donuts where you again throw down the summons to the ground.  A cop sees you again, and gives you another summons for littering.

Pal, take a deep break and go walk around the block a couple of times.  You just had a bad day.  Oh by the way, there are other ways to meet Tim Tebow, like act normal and go to a Jets practice.  Just Saying.  Or you could have hung out at a barber shop where Tebow just happened to walk in for a haircut unannounced.  Jeeeeeesh.

Tebow takes pictues with everyone, this may have been a better route to take!


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Hit 2: LT Retires; Is a 1st HOF’er as a Charger


KMart_LI In addition to thanking Spanos and the Chargers org, Tomlinson thanked #nyj and owner Woody Johnson 6/18/12 2:17 PM
KMart_LI LT on #jets tattoo: “It’ll stay there.” 6/18/12 2:29 PM
KMart_LI Tomlinson said he’ll miss locker room camaraderie the most (guessing he’s talking re: the Chargers, specifically LOL) #nyj 6/18/12 2:35 PM
TheJetsStream Rex Ryan on LaDainian Tomlinson: “He was a great guy to have, a tremendous leader. I fell very fortunate + blessed to have coached him” #nyj 6/18/12 4:28 PM
TheJetsStream How important is family to Tomlinson? He slept on hospital bench night before #NYJ 2011 opener after daughter was born 6/18/12 2:39 PM


LT will be a first year Hall of Famer as he was one of the best in the game.  To have him as a Jet was pretty cool.  Yes I bought his Jersey.  I respected him as a player and although he had clearly lost a step, he still made an impact on the game.

Hit 3: Stephen Hill Wallpaper your Computer

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I like to make wallpaper and I figured I’d share with my fellow die hards!