Being a Jets Father

Being a Jets Father

Happy Father’s day to all the great Dads out there! 

I’m the lucky Father of 3 great kids and anyone who knows me knows that I do EVERYTHING with them.  They are challenging, as is for any parent, but my greatest joy.  Recently I asked my kids a question:  “What is Daddy’s favorite thing in the world?”.  They paused, I saw the eyes look to the ceiling as they were pondering, and then they all shouted out at the same time:  “JETS”.  I smiled but said no, “YOU!”.

Then of course there is my Father, and again, anyone who knows me is a fixture with me at every Jets game and tailgate at L7.  The reason you are reading this blog is because of this man.  As a youngster, he really didn’t push the Jets on me as you can see various pictures of me in a Franco Harris Steelers Jerseys (I was emulating my friends older brothers) but then realized that Gang Green is where I wanted to be.

My Father with his Son's at the Jets Public Practice in 2010 at Metlife Stadium

Don't Laugh! Me in the 80's with my Jets Favorite Jersey

He bought me my first Jets Jersey, #24 Freeman McNeil and that was it I was hooked.

Sione Pouha’s Father

Looking at my timeline, I saw a tweet from Sione Pouha’s account.  It simply said “My Hero” with a link.  I clicked (of course) and saw a picture of Sione and his Father.  His Father is no longer with us in this world, but I know that his Dad meant everything to him.

Pouha91 MY HERO. 6/16/12 11:57 PM

Sione and his Father

“Every time I need help or find myself in a tough situation,” Pouha said, “I’ll touch my hair.”

In those moments, the massive, 325-pound nose tackle gently strokes his hair because his father, Sonasi Pouha, touched it as he lay on his death bed. It was his final gesture on earth, a father’s way of telling his only son he was proud of him. This was July 2, 2009, at the family’s home in Salt Lake City. Sonasi, 76, his body ravaged by pancreatic cancer, could no longer speak, but he didn’t need words to convey a lifetime of love.

It was their father-son thing. Whenever Sione excelled, either in school or football or Boy Scouts or with his trumpet, his dad would rub his hair and say, “Good job, son.” Sione cherished those moments. To him, they were as meaningful as the accomplishment itself. – Via ESPN

If you follow Sione online, you will know that he has a similar story as me when it comes to his children.  He does EVERYTHING with them and they are his most favorite thing in this world!

I never met the man, but I can tell he’s a GREAT Father.

I just wanted to share my story and of course a story of a Jet player on this Father’s day morning.  Have a great day and again, Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful men who influence their children as a positive role model!

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