What I think…. about the New York Jets for June 14, 2012

What I think…. about the New York Jets for June 14, 2012

Here are some random quick hits for June 14th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Tebow is REALLY the punt protector?  Well according to his new body frame.

Landry is ready?

I like twitter because….

Hit 1: Maybe Tebow Really IS the Punt Protector

The New York Jets backup quarterback revealed Wednesday after the second day of minicamp that he weighs a rock-solid 249 pounds — about 7 to 9 pounds heavier than last season with Denver — and the team would like him to be at 250 to start the season.

"Tebow Knows" how to be a good soldier (by gaining weight)

”I feel that I’m just training hard,” said Tebow, voted by teammates as the second-strongest offensive player behind only tight end Dustin Keller. ”I’m trying to be in shape, be strong enough to do anything, but also fast enough to run around a little bit as well.”  Via FoxSports.com

So maybe it’s really true that the Jets brought in Mr. Tebow to be anything but a starting QB.  I love how these players can just put on and drop weight likes it’s no thing in a couple of months.  Me, I have no problem adding the weight, but I don’t want to bore you with my personal issues. ;)

So if Tim plays at 250, it sure will help his frame out when he is smashing Linebackers or running the ball through the big defensive ends.

Being the Good Soldier – To be honest, I just do what I’m told — and this day (is) to talk to you (reporters), so I’m gonna talk to you,” Tebow told Nate Davis of USA Today. “And to be honest, I just go about it however the Jets set it up — the rules that they want us to (follow), who they want us to talk to, who they don’t want us to talk to. And so I don’t get paid enough to make all those decisions. I just do what I’m told and try to do it as best as I can.”

Tebow said he respects Bruschi’s opinion, but took a moment to defend himself: “… I don’t know that I’m out there (outside the locker room) talking. I’m here talking to y’all because that’s what they want,” he said. “Like I said, I just do what I’m told and try to make the most of it. So that’s something you’d figure that he would understand though.”  via NFL.com

This is the third time Tebow has said something like this:  “I’m just doing what I’m told….”  He said this when asked why a press conference for a backup QB the day he was introduced to the Jets in March.  He said this again in the locker room during OTAs and now at Minicamp.

Is it passing the buck to upper management?  No I don’t think so.  It’s Tim saying, hey, they have a plan for me and they want me to do certain things (like talk to the press etc) so he’s being a good soldier.  I am SURE that if given the choice, Tim would lay low.  I mean who wants to be talked about 24/7, not I!


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Hit 2: Landry Progressing?

“LaRon is way ahead of where our trainers thought he’d be,” head coach Rex Ryan said this morning. “He thought it was best he work out with people who are very familiar with him, and you kind of worry about that a little bit. But it’s a real positive that he’s come back and he’s obviously done a lot of work there. You saw him running in the back of the end zone. We’ve just got to be smart the next couple of days that he doesn’t overdo things. He’s on the right track and we feel good about it.”

Landry talking to the Brass

“I’m progressing and things are looking real well — I was kind of shocked myself,” Landry said. “I can’t wait to get back out there and be with the team.”  – Via Randy Lange  

Bell was a smart pick up!

I have spoken to a couple of the Jets beat writers about Landry and they say that his size is overwhelming.  They said that it’s like he’s wearing full pads.

I know we haven’t seen him in action yet, but I said before on the Podcast, I believe this could be a HUGE signing, no pun intended, if he works out.  I also like the fact that the Jets signed Yermiah Bell.  I do believe he was the backup plan but he’s turning heads and that’s just hard to do in OTAs and Minicamps when there is no hitting.  The Jets have improved their Safety depth.

Now the question I have is who will be the “QB” of the defense?  That used to be Jim Leonhard’s role and I’m curious to see if that role moves off of the Safety position to a LB or stays with one of the new guys.  We shall see.

Hit 3: Twitter is cool because….

The obvious choice is I get to talk NY Jets 24/7, but I also get to interact with players and they with me.  Case in point, I was screwing around one day and made a series of pictures of the players and found out recently that they use my pics for their twitter avatars.  Cool.

Rookie LB Demario Davis

Rookie WR Jordan White

Rookie RB Terrance Ganaway

e_man Just noticed that 3 new #Jets are using my images for avatars! @YouAreFree146 @_JordanWhite and @RepChrist24 !! Thanks fellas!! 6/14/12 9:16 AM
YouAreFree146 @e_man @_JordanWhite @RepChrist24 yea, I need some new ones. Keep em coming. 6/14/12 9:20 AM

I love twitter, but you knew that already.