Tim Tebow likes to “Jump Rope” with the Jets Fans

Tim Tebow likes to “Jump Rope” with the Jets Fans

Jets fans were in full force today on a beautiful day in Florham Park and the Jets training facilities.  Missed the event, check out our twitter feed.  It should come to no surprise to anyone that Tim Tebow was the main attraction, especially when the QB’s were signing and Tim decided to jump the rope.

janesports First autograph signing for quarterback group. backup Tim Tebow draws the bigger crowd over starter Mark Sanchez, by far. #Jets 6/14/12 12:36 PM
TheJetsStream Tim Tebow goes over roped off barricade to sign autographs for Jets fans. Take a look: #nyj http://t.co/oF0owTO1 6/14/12 12:32 PM

janesports Tebow signs for Jets fans. http://t.co/dFS4wKjm 6/14/12 12:32 PM

RichCimini Tebow signing autographs for fans at practice. #Jets http://t.co/UbIY3a8c 6/14/12 12:32 PM

My Tebow Picture of the day has to go to this little guy.  Is it me, or do you think he’s a Sanchez guy?

RT @GMoney8143: Tebow time http://t.co/Lt71gPvH >> hahaha, this little guy must be a Sanchez fan!
6/14/12 1:11 PM

Looks like not all fans were excited to pose with Tebow.