The Jets Players Eat Like Kings at Florham Park

The Jets Players Eat Like Kings at Florham Park

More than one Jets player tweeted about the great food being served at the facility tonight.  What was on the menu?  Lobster and Steak!

Players spend a lot of time at the facility, and trust me when I say this, they have one of the nicest accommodations I have ever seen.  I’ve had the privileged to dine at this cafeteria and I was simply amazed at the choices as well as the quality of the food.  They weren’t severing Lobster on the day I was there BUT trust me, I ate like a king!

These facilities are truly a home away from home, but if the menu doesn’t do it for you, you can always go out like our new rookie WR, Stephen Hill.

NBELLORE54 I think it’s safe to say we have the best food in the NFL! #Jets 6/13/12 5:53 PM

Tcamp6011 Steak!!! But this lobster scampi fye!! 6/13/12 6:48 PM

Hayden_Smith_ Cafeteria food JET style! #silly 6/13/12 7:09 PM


Sapp55 Who got dinner? 6/13/12 7:55 PM
_StephenHill_ I need some good food right now what is good around Jersey??? 6/13/12 8:26 PM
_StephenHill_ I’m in morristown 6/13/12 8:27 PM


  • JZ

    Cool post, I’ll share it with my chef brother.