What I think…. First Day ~ Rex Changing ~ Not Fair

What I think…. First Day ~ Rex Changing ~ Not Fair

Here are some random quick hits for June 12th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

The first day of minicamp

Rex is holding his press conferences first for a great reason

Giants and Jets are treated completely differently by the media.  It’s not Fair.

Hit 1: First Day of Mandatory Minicamp

Cnimbley So yeah it’s going to get pretty crowded here today, just saw member of #Jets PR w/ literally a stack of hundreds of credentials 6/12/12 10:10 AM
pschwartzwfan Looks to be a ridiculous amount of media here for jets minicamp 6/12/12 10:09 AM


The first day of a three day minicamp started (go watch the live feed or replay here) on Tuesday and the amount of press passes, OH YEAH.  People want admission to the circus.  Again, this is only practice and the media is showing up in full force today.  Guess we’ll know what it will be like when the fans go tomorrow and Thursday.  Everyone wants to get a peak at Mark Sanchez Tim Tebow is my guess.


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Hit 2: Rex is Changing his Ways

Ryan is changing the plan to have more time to study film and attend meetings in the afternoon. Under this plan, he takes care of his media obligations in the morning, goes to practice and then has the rest of the afternoon to meet with coaches, players and watch film.


As a member of the media, I would prefer to speak with Ryan after practice to get his impressions of practice and if there were any injuries, but I understand his thinking. Eric Mangini had a similar schedule when he was the Jets coach. Now if he starts answering questions like Mangini …  via NYPost

I love this!  One, Rex needs to attend more film study and be with the guys as he stated this was one of the reasons he may have lost touch with the team and lost the locker room.  Two, it dictates to the media what they write about.  They can no longer ask him questions on what they saw in practice that day.  Case in point, Rex would never had to answer questions about Holmes throwing his helmet last week.

They would have to wait until the next morning and by then…. maybe it’s a dead story.  Then again maybe not.  Remember the anonymous player?  How long did it take for that to die?  EXACTLY.

Hit 3: Not Fair

Offensive lineman David Diehl was charged with two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol, the Queens district attorney’s office said Monday in a statement. He entered no plea at his arraignment and his case was adjourned until July 26 — the same day the Giants are due to report for training camp in Albany.


The judge suspended his driver’s license until then, pending prosecution, and Diehl could face up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine, if convicted.

So let me get this straight.  A Giants player gets a DUI and you hardly hear anything about it.  A Jets player gets one, and it’s all the news including the coverage when the player leaves jail to the following them around getting updates on the case.

Rex Ryan gets blamed as letting his players get away with murder, while Tom Coughlin… Well, have you heard any criticism on how he runs his team?  Is it because we are talking Giants (SB Champs) and the Jets (Red Headed Step Child)?

The media LOVES to talk about the Jets and the Giants… Well I guess they are boring.  In either case, I think as a Jets fan, I’d prefer the Giant treatment.  I like to fly under the radar and let the playing on the field do the talking.  Rex has learned his lesson and is not making THOSE predictions anymore, but is the damage done?

Oh and bringing in Tebow isn’t going to help a circus.