What I think …. Jets Quick Hits 6/9 – Holmes… Revis Retiring a… Sitting with a Legend….

What I think …. Jets Quick Hits 6/9 – Holmes… Revis Retiring a… Sitting with a Legend….

Here are some random quick hits for June 9th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Holmes is just being himself.

Revis says he wants to retire a Jet… well then, make it happen and be a good soldier.

Which rookie got to sit down with the Jet Legend?

Hit 1: Holmes being Holmes?

New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes pulled himself from the end of practice Thursday because he felt he was overworked after missing time in organized team activities. Is this a big thing? Probably not.

Don't expect Holmes' Attitude to change. I don't.

Holmes missed time to do charity work while spending time with troops in Germany. But ESPN’s Adam Schefter correctly points out in the video that Holmes should be more aware that he’s being watched after the way things ended for him last year.

Holmes is definitely under the micro-scope and it’s all his own doing.  So knowing that the world is going to overreact on every thing he does, why not be more aware?  Did you really have to slam the helmet down at OTAs?  Probably not.  Is he the acting like he has always acted?  Yes, but again, everyone is expecting him to completely change in just one short off season.  Not going to happen.  The Jets know what they have in Santonio, and the sooner the fans (like it or not) come to understand his behavior, the less disappointed they will be when he shows of on ESPN for “throwing a tantrum”.

For me, my expectations are very low, in fact in “the basement”.  The only thing that will surprise me concerning Santonio Holmes is if he does a 180 from his attitude and becomes a model citizen.  The changes of that happening?   Slim to NONE.


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Hit 2: Revis Wants to Retire a Jet

In an interview with The (Newark) Star-Ledger, Revis kept his options open despite saying his preference was to finish his career with the Jets.


Revis Playing hard Ball.... Again.

“I want to retire here,” Revis told The Star-Ledger. “I think (G.M. Mike) Tannenbaum knows that. I think coach (Rex) Ryan knows that. (The Jets) drafted me, they gave me a chance, so yeah, I want to play here and never play for another organization again. If they feel that, if Mike feels that, I’m the type of person to be here, then they will compensate me. If not, then it’s the business end of it.”

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Let’s be clear.  Revis never said he was holding out, then again, when asked if he’s coming to camp this summer, he exactly didn’t say yes.  It’s the game that he plays and if he does hold out it will be his third time in his career (all with the Jets).

I think if he does hold out, the chances of him retiring a Jet is dismal.  I would have thought he burned bridges with this last hold out, but if he does it one more time, the Jets fans will demand for him to be traded…. or will they?  It’s a tough situation due to his caliber of play which is tops in the league.

Hit 3: Sitting down with the Legend

One current running back got to sit down with problably the BEST JETS running back in history last night.  Rookie Terrance Ganaway had dinner with Curtis Martin and said he learned a LOT in that short time.

RepChrist24 I learned a lot in no time from Curtis Martin! Laid back and chill…great outlook on life and the vehicle to success through football! 6/9/12 7:36 AM
RepChrist24 “The way I do anything, is the way I do everything!” Curtis Martin 6/9/12 7:36 AM
RepChrist24 Had dinner with @FlightPhase, Dary Stone, Luke Stone, Jess &&& Alex, &&&&&&& Curtis Martin! 6/9/12 7:36 AM

Terrance, I would have loved to trade places with you.  If you can learn and play 1/10th the way Curtis Martin did then you will have a successful career.

Who's going to Canton?