What I think …. Jets Quick Hits 6/4 – No Tebow!; My Wife 1st; Still Buzzin’

What I think …. Jets Quick Hits 6/4 – No Tebow!; My Wife 1st; Still Buzzin’

Here are some random quick hits for June 4th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Does everything need to be about Tim Tebow, even when he’s a footnote in the story?

Are fans being too tough on rookie Terrance Ganaway for not attending Mark’s Jets West?

As a Mets fan, Friday night was magical.  What are the chances I can get that feeling with the Jets sometime soon?

Hit 1: Everything Doesn’t Need to be about Tebow!

We found out this morning that Mark Sanchez’ camp “Jets West” is back on for it’s third year.  Normally the headline would be talking about the camp, but for the Daily News, it’s all about Tebow.  ESPN then picked up on that theme and I just got a text alert from ESPN.

Media, Wake Up. It's not about Tebow!

jetstwit News worthy… Not so much. http://t.co/xkdino1o 6/4/12 9:59 AM

e_man In the past the headline used to be “Sanchez to hold Jets West” now they are “Tebow to attend Jets West” … 6/4/12 9:33 AM


Hey media, C’Mon already.  Tim Tebow is ONE member of the team and if this story is going to be about any one QB, it should be Mark Sanchez!  I mean, it’s ONLY HIS CAMP.  How about trying to put out a story without getting the TEBOW in a headline.  You are now taking what was annoying to just absolutely silly and stupid.  Get a clue, OK?  My brother and I talk about this in our latest podcast.

I get why you are doing it, though.  Tebow in the headline sells things.  Selling things is good for your business.  So you are selling out.  Gotcha.

What the Headline should have been is below.  Anyone of these would have been better than the Tebow Headline.

  • Rookie not attending Jets West to Spend with Wife
  • Holmes Currently not on the List to attend Jets West
  • Sanchez to hold 3rd Annual Jets West Camp for Skill Players
  • Why isn’t Powell going to Jets West?

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Hit 2:  No Thanks, I’m Hanging with my Wife

Speaking of Jets West, there is a list of players going.  Two are on the bubble and one flat out said no because he’s spending time with his wife.  Rookie Running Back Terrance Ganaway is not traveling to CA.


Is that a big deal?  I saw a ton of fans tweeting about the fact that Terrance should go to gel with his teammates.  I’m on the fence on this one.  It’s not like he won’t be seeing her during the season and yes when he goes to training camp, he will be away from her for a while.  BUT, this is the life of the NFL.  The Jets West camp has nothing to do with the Jets officially and is just something Mark does on his own.

Personally, I would go to the camp especially being it my first year.  If I wasn’t going though, I would have made a different excuse.  To say you are hanging with your wife is great and noble but he will and IS being criticized for it unfairly.  He comes across as very religious, I mean, his twitter ID is @REPCHRIST24 and he probably feels why should he dance around other people by not telling the truth.

He’ll learn that the NFL, the media and the fans will look at everything he does fair or unfair.  Welcome to the league Rook.

RepChrist24 Making positive strides today! 6/4/12 7:27 AM

Hit 3:  I’m still buzzin’

I’m a Mets fan, so Yankee fans I apologize, but Friday Night was a big night for Mets fans.  Santana’s NONO was amazing and to watch it live was electrifying.    I hope I get this feeling once again come February. Feel me?  J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!