Tim Tebow is “Some QB That I Used To Know”

Tim Tebow is  “Some QB That I Used To Know”

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If you haven’t heard the song from Gotye, “Somebody I used to Know” by now, you may have been living under a rock.  The first time I heard it was in early March and was addicted to it right away, but the way they made the video and the way the song is written, it’s very easy to create parodies of it.  This is one of my favorites parodies until I saw the QB one.

AdamSchefter Every Colts, Broncos and NFL fan needs to watch this… RT @teciat76: @adamschefter this is brilliant!!! http://t.co/bsYWLI7e 6/2/12 8:58 AM

There is now a Parody of called “Some QB That I used to Know” that starts with Peyton Manning and transitions to Tim Tebow.  It’s FUNNY and well done.

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