What I think …. Jets Quick Hits 5/29 – Charting OTAs; Throwing Motion; Best Pic?

What I think …. Jets Quick Hits 5/29 – Charting OTAs; Throwing Motion; Best Pic?

Here are some random quick hits for May 29th with my quick thoughts on each topic.



Hit 1: Charting Stats in OTAs

A lot is being made about charting stats in OTAs, specifically watching every throw and analyzing them by the Quarterbacks.  The media and maybe the NFL world is so desperate of a QB controversy for the Jets, but Manish Mehta makes a great point after being called out by Gary Meyers saying that every Jets fan wants the Media and guys like Manish to chart every throw.

garymyersNYDN For anybody questioning why @TheJetsStream will chart every Sanchez and Tebow throw at training camp: it’s what every Jets fan wants. 5/27/12 4:16 PM

Manish shot back and said different:

Here’s why charting “stats” for #NYJ quarterbacks Mark Sanchez & Tim Tebow during OTAs is silly: First & foremost, the players aren’t even in pads. Recording numbers when guys are running around in shorts? Take it for what it’s worth. The media will certainly record some of the highlights and lowlights from both QBs, but charting stats during OTAs is excessive.

After OTA’s, I saw SO MANY articles that said Mark Sanchez won over Tebow.  Won what?  It’s May, and they are in shorts, and they are practicing.  Our friends over at theJetsBlog.com also got into this debate with a poll of their own.  Check out these results:

BTW, I voted No.  I don’t need to know if Mark was 6-7 with 13 snaps vs. Tebow who was 2-3 with 5 snaps etc.  Just give me the highlights.


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Hit 2: .60 Seconds vs. .40

While we are on the topic of throwing and charting, a lot is made about Tim Tebow’s throwing motion.  It probably is what gets criticized the most as far as his tool set is concerned.  To look at Tim’s throwing motion in full speed, you would have to be looking for the hitch, that is, he lowers his arm while throwing.  They say the average QB in the NFL gets the ball out in .40 seconds.  Tim gets his ball out at .60 seconds.

They also say that defensive lineman are trained to get to the QB in .30 seconds or less.  Maybe that’s why Tim always looks like he is in duress and gets hit just as he is releasing or also  has to abandon his throws and scramble.


If you watch the video, the talk about changing a habit in muscle memory and to change it is harder than you think.  He would have to have throw the ball 10K times for the new habit to take form.  Here is the problem.  He’s not going to get the reps, at least during the Jets official workouts.  He’s going to have to stay late or go in early to work on that throwing motion.

The question is:  Why change it?  Do you really need to change it if he’s going to be the backup?  That is the major question.

I had tweeted a picture of a Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez throwing side by side together in OTAs last week.  What was so obvious to me was the difference in throwing motion.  It was a picture that hit me smack in the head where I said, wow, look at that.

Hit 3: Best Picture Ever!

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan reacts as he talks to the media after NFL football practice, Thursday, May 24, 2012, in Florham Park, N.J. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

I wonder what he’s thinking about?

  • http://www.paligap.com/ Iain Bartholomew

    That’s a very Parcells-ian face from Rex there!

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      That’s EXACTLY who I thought he looked like!