Nick Mangold the Matchmaker Targets Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow

Nick Mangold the Matchmaker Targets Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow

Nick Mangold is at it again…. that is… making me laugh.  Today he put out a tweet where he thinks that Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones are a “match made in heaven”.  Remember last week, when Lolo chants were loud and clear when Tim came out to address the media.  Yeah, that was Mr. Mangold who lead those chants.

During a golf outing earlier in the month, he was interviewed by Artie Lange on the golf course talking about Tim’s Sex Life.  I guess this is his new mission, to get his new QB hooked up.

nickmangold I’m trying to get @timtebow to accept that he and @lolojones are a match made in heaven. #Lobow 5/29/12 1:57 PM


It’s now my new goal,” Mangold said in a chat with “NFL Total Access” that will air at 7 p.m. ET on Tuesday. “This is how I’m going to spend my spring. Usually I try and do a little golfing, but that isn’t going so well. So now it’s matchmaking.”


“I was actually pushing for Tim and Lolo Jones to, you know, ‘get united,’ ” Mangold said of his chant.

lolojones @nickmangold thanks Nick but i actually heard tebow has a girlfriend he just isn’t saying it publicly. the search continues… 5/29/12 4:30 PM
nickmangold . @lolojones I will try to get some anwers and I’ll report back. No worries #Lobow 5/29/12 4:58 PM

He also had another Gem on tonight’s segment when he mentioned how Rex looks like he is wearing a tent due to his weight loss:

On future Ryan predictions: “I predict that he’s going to continue to talk about his weight loss. He looks fantastic because he’s losing the weight and everything, but he looks kind of ridiculous because he’s still wearing the same clothes … so it’s like he’s wearing a tent. He looks fantastic. It’s awesome for him, and I couldn’t be happier that he’s been able to stick to his diet.”

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