What I think…. My Jets Quick Hits for Saturday 5/26

What I think…. My Jets Quick Hits for Saturday 5/26

Here are some random quick hits for May 26th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Hit 1: I like Where Mark’s Head is At

On whether he feels differently on the field with everyone watching him and Tim Tebow: “I don’t really think about it while we’re playing. No offense to Tim, I’m not really thinking about Tim. I’m thinking about the play we have, the protection we have, what potential blitz we’re going to get and making sure everybody’s lined up in the right spot. So, my mind is racing a million miles an hour. I feel good, I feel like the system is coming along and nothing’s really changed that way, I’m focused on football.”

Yes I made this... what do you think?

He’s focused on Football as he should be and I give him MAD PROPS.  The amount of pressure on him just because Tim Tebow walked into the building must be so intense.  Mark looks stronger, his attitude is positive and best of all, he’s playing great.  Now, take it with a grain of salt:  It’s MAY.  I get that.

First impressions of rookie WR Stephen Hill: “He’s a great player. He’s always got a smile. He’s one of those guys who loves coming in the building, and loves to learn. He’s a big, strong, fast kid. He’s a sponge, which is exactly what you want from a young guy like that.”

I know we only saw one play during OTAs, but it was great to see Mark hit Stephen in stride for a 75 yard TD.  This kid probably has me the most excited out of all the rookies so far.  As Mark stated, he’s so positive, looks like football is his passion, has the talent, and his attitude is great.  Guess what, that’s what makes a GREAT football player.  Too early to predict, but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.

On new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano: “He doesn’t smile too often. If you catch one, you better save it. They’re few and far between. Sometimes it’s not a smile, it’s a smirk. You never know. But he’s tough on us, he’s fair, he’s an old-school guy and he wants things done right and that’s exactly what we need.”

I like that the “I’m your buddy” coach (Schotty) has been replaced from an apple from the Parcells tree.  We need a little old school in there, and he’s going to help Mark.  I’m convinced of it.  Tony seems like a no nonsense guy, and I can’t help but think that the debacle of last season would have never happened under his watch.  That’s last year, and the focus is this year, I know.  I like what I see.


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Hit 2: Bart Scott is going to Bounce Back this Year


Bart Scott said he and head coach Rex Ryan had a “pow wow” this offseason to discuss some lingering issues from last year and have cleared their air.

Among them was the way Scott came off the field during some packages because of matchup issues, something Scott wasn’t used to throughout his career.

“It’s cool, it was just something Rex and I needed to be on the same page about,” Scott said. “(I wanted him) to know where I stood and what the plans were and once we hashed that out it was fine. I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind or bet on myself so that was a conversation that needed to be had, we had it and we moved on.- NJ.com

Bart has lost about 15 lbs and I’m told he just looks faster.  During OTAs he picked off Tim Tebow.  Bart was being taken off the field because of his coverage skills, but if he keeps playing fast and showing that he was the player he was with the Ravens, he’ll play more.

I’m not convinced he’ll stay on the field almost every play, but the open communication with Rex is a positive thing.  I believe in great communications, and Rex is definitely listening more already this year.

Hit 3: I don’t Bet, BUT…. Look at this….

The countdown to the kickoff of the NFL season has reached 103 days until toe meets leather for the start of the 2012 regular season. On Thursday, the oddsmakers in Las Vegas issued their over and under win totals for the NFL teams for 2012. While you’ll likely have a hard time making a living defeating the Las Vegas sportsbooks, there are a few interesting wagering opportunities which have presented themselves with the odds which were released. - via PigSkin Report

National Football Post published the odds and are linked here.

  • Green Bay Packers: 12 (Over: -125, Under: -105)
  • New England Patriots: 12 (Over: -120, Under: -110)
  • Houston Texans: 10 (Over: -140, Under: +110)
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 10 (Over: -135, Under: +105)
  • New Orleans Saints: 10 (Over: -125, Under: -105)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 10 (Over: -125, Under: -105)
  • Baltimore Ravens: 10 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • San Francisco 49ers: 10 (Over: +105, Under: -135)
  • Denver Broncos: 9.5 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • New York Giants: 9.5 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • Detroit Lions: 9.5 (Over: +105, Under: -135)
  • San Diego Chargers: 9 (Over: -130, Under: even)
  • Atlanta Falcons: 9 (Over: +105, Under: -135)
  • Chicago Bears: 8.5 (Over: -135, Under: +105)
  • Dallas Cowboys: 8.5 (Over: -125, Under: -105)
  • New York Jets: 8.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Kansas City Chiefs: 8 (Over: -120, Under: -110)
  • Cincinnati Bengals: 7.5 (Over: -130, Under: even)
  • Carolina Panthers: 7.5 (Over: -115, Under: -115)
  • Miami Dolphins: 7.5 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • Tennessee Titans: 7 (Over: -130, Under: even)
  • Buffalo Bills: 7 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • Seattle Seahawks: 7 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • Oakland Raiders: 7 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • Arizona Cardinals: 7 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • Washington Redskins: 6.5 (Over: even, Under: -130)
  • St. Louis Rams: 6 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6 (Over: -110, Under: -120)
  • Minnesota Vikings: 6 (Over: even, Under: -130)
  • Cleveland Browns: 5.5 (Over: even, Under: -130)
  • Indianapolis Colts: 5.5 (Over: +105, Under: -135)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: 5.5 (Over: +105, Under: -135)


According to these odds, they are saying that the Packers are the team to beat and that the Jaguars are a team… well, let’s just hope they don’t do Hard Knocks.  Talk about your snore fest.

The Jets are in the middle of the pack with 8.5 wins.  I like being under the radar personally and honestly, I think they put us exactly where we are, for now.