The Jets Twit Podcast: Episode 223 with Fireman Ed!

The Darrelle Revis “Revis Island” Logo – Nike

The Darrelle Revis “Revis Island” Logo – Nike

Our friend Angel Navedo from loves his Sneakers.  He posted this possible new sneaker logo for Darrelle Revis.  As you can see, it has the Revis Island Theme with the Nike swoosh.  LOVE IT., an active blog dedicated to sneaker style and all things urban fashion, shared this exclusive look at Darrelle Revis’ new simple, but effective “Revis Island” logo as a Nike-sponsored athlete. Not sure where, or how, this logo will be applied — if it is legit — but those Jets fans who are into fusing fashion with fandom might want to keep their eyes open for any Revis-branded gear.


  • Chad

    Thanks for mentioning e_man. Yes, I was in panic mode about 2 months ago when Twitter notified me that I can no longer use I think the transition has gone fairly smoothly but the change hurts my search engine rankings.