What I think…. Jets Quick Hits 5/25th

What I think…. Jets Quick Hits 5/25th

Here are some random quick hits for May 25th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Hit 1: Yeremiah Bell Is Looking Good So Far

Photo Credit: JetsInsider.com

Yeremiah Bell has been a Jet for less than a week, but the safety already looks like he’s fitting in.

Bell worked with Eric Smith as the starting safeties during yesterday’s organized team activity and seems to be picking up the defense quickly.

“They told me I’d be a good fit for the defense,” said Bell, who spent eight seasons with the Dolphins. “This defense has a lot of great players on it. … I’m still learning but I’ve got a lot of guys helping me.”  via NYPost

nyjets #RL Then Tebow is picked off with a diving grab by new Jets S Yeremiah Bell. 5/24/12 11:28 AM

Losing Starting Job?

Bell has high Praise for Smith

Looking forward to his new team, however, Bell offered high praise to the man he’ll presumably be taking the starting safety job from, Eric Smith.

“E-Smitty — that’s my guy. He’s awesome right now. He’s telling me what to do. He keeps quizzing me on every play, even when we’re on the sidelines. He’s been a great help for me,” he said. – Read more from @Wesley_Sykes

Bell is a BIG Safety.  So is Landry, and these guys (when healthy) are NOT going to be pushed around.  Listed as a Strong Safety, he showed skills yesterday as a Free Safety like a ball hawk when he picked off Tim Tebow yesterday in OTAs.

Landry, new to the team as well, is yet to show up to the Jets practice facility.  He has been rehabbing a return from his injury last season, but sources cite he was dealing with personal issues this week.

BrianCoz New Jets safety Yeremiah Bell on facing his former team: “I can tell you that I’m looking forward to playing the Dolphins.” #nyj 5/24/12 5:47 PM


KristianRDyer Rex “I’m really happy with Yeremiah Bell and Eric Smith back there.” #NYJ 5/24/12 3:07 PM

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Hit 2: It’s May.  It’s OTAs.  He’s the Backup.  CHILL.

The players had not yet filed into the locker room after completing their two-hour OTA session yesterday when the news bulletin had already aired on ESPN — Tebow had thrown two interceptions.  via the NY Post

Text alert our friend Pay_Uno received on his iPhone from ESPN

Former Jets’ Kicker Jay Feely:
jayfeely By the way the focus on Tebow in OTA’s is ridiculous “we’re talking about practice” In may 5/24/12 10:54 PM


ZachKleinWSB ESPN did not take Chipper’s retirement presser live, but they will go 10-minutes with Rex Ryan talking about Tim Tebow in May 5/24/12 2:58 PM


BobGlauber Mark Sanchez outplays Tim Tebow … on May 24. Whoop-de-do. http://t.co/HaAmFPXT 5/25/12 8:42 AM


Too Much Tebow?

There is absolutely NO REASON why ESPN has to do an alert as well as dedicate a significant amount of time to Tim Tebow in May, but guess what:  It’s what most people want.  I’m assuming this because he has a cult following that is tuning into sportscenter but ESPN may be losing their main demographic:  the people who just like sports.

NFL Network doesn’t dedicate this much time to Tebow in MAY!  I wonder if ESPN will pay the price?

One thing is for sure, why do people hate Tim Tebow?  ESPN, that’s why:

iRob32 ESPN is making me hate Tim Tebow 5/25/12 12:11 AM
WhyNotLoveBlake Man ESPN make u hate Tebow 5/24/12 11:18 PM
cgs241 The more ESPN covers someone, the more people hate them #tebow #james 5/24/12 6:04 PM
Kushtian_Hashis People shouldn’t hate Tebow..they should hate ESPN 5/24/12 5:39 PM

Hit 3:  My #FollowFriday Recommendations!

Fan:  Eric S Carlsson

Eric sits behind me at the stadium and FINALLY followed me on twitter after 2 years.  Go give my friend a follow!

ESCARLSSON @e_man Will u guys make the trek up 2 Cortland? I’m seriously considering it..Thinking towards the end of camp when players will have leave 5/23/12 12:30 PM


Up and Coming:   Flight 5 Live

A brand new twitter account opened up this week with some familiar faces.  The account @5NLive is for the 5 die-hard Jets fans who will be airing a high production television show / podcast live every Friday night at 7PM on the ZenLive.TV Network.

5NLive Hey #Jets fans…make sure to tweet us during every show and we’ll read out all your opinions and ideas. J E T S ALL DAY… 5/25/12 12:46 AM


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