What I think…. Jets Quick Hits 5/24th

What I think…. Jets Quick Hits 5/24th

Here are some random quick hits for May 24th with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Hit 1: All Eyes on the Two QB’s

TheJetsStream Sanchez was sharp. Tebow was shakier running plays for first time. But as Sanchez astutely pointed out: “It’s only May.” #nyj 5/24/12 1:25 PM

The Jets held open media OTAs today, and judging by most of the tweets it was a competition between Sanchez and Tebow.

All eyes were on these two (Photos by @JetsInsider)

The Media did it’s best to bring us (via Tweets) every single play both Sanchez and Tebow made in OTAs.  The tweets were even featured on ESPN live.  And to think it’s only May and oh yeah, it’s O.T.A.S., but such is the fascination with Tim Tebow.

Sanchez Looked Loose

Personally at this point, who cares what they do as far as completions etc…  Tim is learning the new offense, and Mark looks like a veteran out there.

Sanchez looked like he was having fun during practice and at this locker.  Someone said it’s the loosest he’s looked since being a Jet.  Well, then I guess it’s working, that is bringing in Tebow to make Sanchez play better.  Again, it’s May, I know, so take all this with a grain of salt.  Make it a grain of Sea Salt.

Notable Observations:

  • Sanchez connects with Stephen Hill for a 75 yard touchdown, hitting the rookie in stride.
  • Nick Folk didn’t kick while Josh brown hit 5-6 missing a 45′er
  • Official counts:  Sanchez 7-14 with a TD (17 Snaps) ; Tebow 6-10 (9 Snaps)
  • Coach Urban Meyer was in practice, probably to see his boy.
  • Tebow intercepted twice (back to back)
  • Missing:  Holmes, Landry, Cromartie
  • New Saftey Yeremiah Bell looked GOOD.


Very pleased to see Mark knock it out of the park.  You can’t really compare the stats from today either, as Mark received most of the snaps (AS HE SHOULD), he’s the starter!  I some tweets saying that Sanchez must be the starter because Tebow threw two interceptions.  It’s May people.  We have a long camp, but Sanchez will start the season and most likely finish as the Jets QB.  I’m still calling it.


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Hit 2: People can’t get enough of their Jets Football

OTA’s started at 10am and ran to 12pm today with interviews starting at 1pm and going into Rex Ryan’s press conference.  My twitter time line was crazy busy.  Some talking heads like @damienwoody were telling fans to chill about their intensity and hanging on every tweet from the media.

Jets Twit (as in this blog), had a live feed filtering the best of the best tweets and pictures.  To my surprise, the site was hammered with many fans turning in and commenting on all the action they were seeing from today’s OTA.  By the way, if you missed it, you can see the feed and scroll through every post to catch up.  It’s cool to see what the beat writers’ habits were in conjunction with each other.

I ran some polls during the live feed:


I was glad to hear that many of you enjoyed this set up.  I’ve run them before, but this time I had to play with the tool and I was pleased with the results, and judging by some of your tweets to me, you liked them as well!  Thanks!

Hit 3: Everyone Loves OC Tony Sparano so Far

Mark Sanchez – “Coach Sparano is very matter of fact, to the point. There are no gray areas ”

Shonn Greene – “It’s much more power football, It’s straight ahead football, and I think it fits for me being that I’m a power back.”

QB Tebow threw two INTs during team drills and said OC Tony Sparano didn’t mince words, yeLling at him, “You gotta take your check downs. They’re right in front of you.”


RickyRecchia Intensity from Tony Sparano seems contagious. Offense going through drills with focus and urgency. #Jets 5/24/12 10:24 AM
GregLogan1 New off coord Tony Sparano (in cap) is good fit with Rex Ryan in terms of sensibilities. #Jets http://t.co/0pEVXb83 5/24/12 10:54 AM
KristianRDyer (Yeremiah) Bell said that Sparano was a big selling point in him coming to the Jets. “He’s a guy I really respect” #NYJ 5/24/12 1:30 PM
Cnimbley Sparano made damn sure to let DaMarcus Ganaway know just what mistakes needed to be corrected too 5/24/12 2:11 PM
JennyVrentas Keller interesting on Sparano offense vs. Schottenheimer. Less game-plan specific and more same identity ever week. #nyj 5/24/12 1:19 PM
SportsOn1 First impression of new Jets off. coordinator Tony Sparano.- very animated, very vocal, still has the dark shades -KG 5/24/12 11:24 AM


Talk about a night and day approach from Brian Schottenheimer.  New OC Tony S doesn’t tip toe in the tulips with the Jets offense.  His quotes (just from today) are of legend!  If you make a mistake, the entire camp, twitter universe and ESPN are going to know about it!

pschwartzwfan Sparano to offense: “Break the god darn huddle. Its not that hard” 5/24/12 10:56 AM
Cnimbley Sparano to WRs, “(You) stack, that’s why it’s called a stacked set.” #Jets 5/24/12 10:54 AM
Cnimbley McElroy delivers a strike to Kerley on slant & Sparano still wants more, “QUICKER,QUICKER.” 5/24/12 10:51 AM
Cnimbley “God damnit, you just told me you fucking understand that.” Sparano barked, not sure at who tho. Think DeMarcus Ganaway 5/24/12 10:49 AM
  • http://www.paligap.com/ Iain Bartholomew

    How did Tebow throw 10 passes on only 9 snaps? Performing miracles already?

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy


  • http://www.paligap.com/ Iain Bartholomew

    How did Tebow throw 10 passes on only 9 snaps? Performing miracles already?