Jets’ Mark Sanchez’s Agent Tweets “Mark is a Franchise QB and Tim is a Great Athlete”

Jets’ Mark Sanchez’s Agent Tweets “Mark is a Franchise QB and Tim is a Great Athlete”

Mark Sanchez’s agent stirred the pot today with a tweet after today’s OTAs.  If you followed along with twitter today, you saw a circus where the media showcased the Tebow vs. Sanchez rival.  The funny thing is, there is no competition, according to the Jets brass.  Mark is 1 and Tebow is 2.

Check out these tweets from Mark’s agent:

A1Murph No offense media, but of course Sanchez is going to out perform Tim T. Mark is a franchise quarterback and Tim is a great athlete. 5/24/12 3:40 PM
A1Murph Didn’t mean to create a stir nor disrespect TT who has done nothing but excel on football field. This is my opinion and time will tell. 5/24/12 5:22 PM

I have NO problem with these tweets.  Wow, an agent supporting their client.  Fascinating!

Twitter Reaction:

janleighbee @A1Murph just saying franchise QBs don’t need to constantly defend their position nor remind public they are franchise QBs. perhaps in time 5/24/12 6:08 PM
faulkner323 @A1Murph your client, Mark Sanchez, is not a franchise QB. He’s a coddled, delusional and mediocre athelete who is overblown by you and NY 5/24/12 6:07 PM
LadyJ_88 @A1Murph Of course you meant to cause a stir. 5/24/12 5:56 PM
NYJET_Prime @A1Murph when you’re right, you’re right. #THESANCHIZE ! 5/24/12 5:35 PM
bkmacneill @A1Murph no one puts baby in the corner 5/24/12 5:26 PM
gabefergy @A1Murph since when does 55% completion and essentially a 1:1 TD/Int ratio make a “Franchise” QB? 5/24/12 5:22 PM
JFaulkNY @A1Murph people seem to forget braylon/sanchez had a 60yard hook up every other game in 2010. 5/24/12 4:48 PM
NickSpano @A1Murph EXQCTLY, Brian. Real JET fans know this. #Sanchize #JetsNation 5/24/12 4:45 PM