What I think…. Jets Quick Hits 5/23

What I think…. Jets Quick Hits 5/23

Here are some random quick hits for May 23rd with my quick thoughts on each topic.

Hit 1:  No Love For Plax

Add Plaxico Burress to the list of receivers who would love to audition for the Dolphins. But Miami has shown no interest in the likes of Burress, Roy Williams and Braylon Edwards. Ireland said he “could be done” at receiver, but isn’t certain. If the rookies don’t develop this summer, Ireland might add a veteran.  Via Miami Herald

Burress can’t find a home anywhere on a team.  The former Jet has come out and told anyone listening what teams he would love to play for, like the Eagles and now the Dolphins.  He also was showing some love to the Giants by hanging out with some former teammates during the Super Bowl.  Do I feel bad for a former WR Jet trying to land a job?  If it’s Plax, NO.  If it’s Braylon, yes, and I feel that if the leg is healthy, he’ll land a job.

I didn’t like Plax’s attitude at the end of season and word on the street was he was one of the players who had an issue with Sanchez.  I’m not saying he’s Mr. Anonymous, but who knows or cares at this point.  He’s not coming back to the Jets and that’s cool by me.


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Hit 2:  Tebowing in Madden 13′

Creative director of the Madden franchise, Michael Young, tweeted (@MySportsPhotog) several days ago that “Tebowing is in for #madden13.” It is a sign of just how popular Tebow and his faith are in today’s culture that the creators of an institution like the Madden franchise include “Tebowing” in one of the country’s most popular video games.


Young said that the nod to Tebow and his faith falls in line with similar moments that Madden tries to include in their game, such as the Mile High Salute for the Broncos or player specific ones such as Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz’s salsa dance or Rob Gronkowski’s spike of the ball.


“Well, ‘Tebowing’ is a natural fit for the game because Tim Tebow does it in real life. If he stopped ‘Tebowing’ it would no longer be important to our game. I always say that our job is to get everyone’s favorite player and team as authentic as possible,” Young said.

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I heard Tim only “Tebow’s” in the game after a Touchdown.  Everyone is talking about Tim and the fact that he’s going to be doing his signature move in the game AND it’s making all the headlines should not be surprising to you anymore.  I don’t think we have ever seen the likes of a super star on this team EVER, not even when we had that #4 guy.

UPDATE: Confirmed - After TD

Hit 3:  Is FB John Connor’s Job in Jeopardy?

Mike Tannenbaum cast some uncertainty about Conner’s future when he met with the media at the end of the draft. Tannenbaum said Conner is on the team “for now,” but added that they’ll see how the competition sorts out. Now, they appear to have added competition.


The Jets will sign free-agent fullback Fui Vakapuna to a one-year deal today, a person with knowledge of the signing confirmed. That person requested anonymity because the Jets have not announced the move.  Vakapuna was most recently with the Colts. He was originally a seventh-round pick by the Bengals out of BY.

Sounds like the Terminator needs someone to push him, and this signing appears to be that.  How many running backs/FB’s are we going to have on this team anyway?  The Jets currently have Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight, Bilal Powell, Terrance Ganaway and John Griffin on the roster.

You can also count Tim Tebow as a FB for now… I joke but who knows if he may play that position.