The Sanchize Tweets Fans while Hanging with the US Navy

The Sanchize Tweets Fans while Hanging with the US Navy

It’s been a while between tweets for the Jets Starting QB Mark Sanchez on the social media site twitter (21 Days).  Mark has probably been wanting to show the world he’s been focused, oh, probably because of some backup the Jets signed.  What’s his name.  (See I’m trying to abide by the ESPN First Take’s rules today and not say that guys name, although I heard it was mention 125 times!)  Well at least Skip Bayless didn’t say it.

Right, so this is a Sanchez post and I won’t mention that other guy, so don’t ask.  Anyway, here is what the Sanchize was tweeting today:

Mark_Sanchez Having a gr8 day out here at Valor Fleet Week w/ the US Navy, USO & @pepsimax. 5/23/12 6:18 PM

Mark Sanchez on WhoSay

Fan support is Greater than Ever

NSCHLEE1 @Mark_Sanchez team sanchez#six 5/23/12 6:41 PM
Mark_Sanchez@NSCHLEE1: thats hilarious 5/23/12 6:45 PM

Team Sanchez

Love for 6

Angie_Kozak @Mark_Sanchez new #jets hat came today 5/23/12 6:49 PM
Mark_Sanchez “@Angie_Kozak:  nice 5/23/12 6:53 PM

6 is still the guy

Mark Sends out some ReTweets

NYJET_Prime @Mark_Sanchez hey Mark I never ask but can you give my buddy @Manolo518 a s/o, a Marine out serving our country right now. 5/23/12 6:30 PM
Goldberg2442 @Mark_Sanchez Can a #USNavy sailor and a proud #Jets fan get a retweet 5/23/12 6:22 PM