Picture: Nice Tebow Painting by @EdgarJBrown

Picture:  Nice Tebow Painting by @EdgarJBrown

I found this picture of Tebow online from reading @thejetstream ‘s Time Line.  It is a picture that will be featured for sale and proceeds benefit the “Find a Cure for Adam”.

EdgarJBrown Detailed view @TimTebow painting for the I Believe Art Gala June 2 Help us find a cure for Adam attend our event. http://t.co/bHg6gfnP 5/22/12 1:29 AM

Adam Recke is a special 12 year old; he plays video games, he plays sports, he adores Philadelphia teams and he loves his family very much.  He awakes every day smiling, and his parents look at him adoringly, and with hope.  They hope because every day of Adam’s life is precious.

Adam has a very rare disease called Niemann-Pick Type C.  This rare and terminal disease affects very few individuals; in fact there are approximately only 500 cases worldwide.  Adam’s story begins here.

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