Are the New York Jets Rookies the “Untouchables”?

Are the New York Jets Rookies the “Untouchables”?

The Jets rookies are an active group on twitter, tweeting each other and sending messages in general to Jet Nation.

Quinton Coples has dubbed the Jets as the Untouchables on twitter.  The first thing that comes to my mind is Federal Agent Eliot Ness who’s mission was to knock out Mobster Al Capone.  Because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small, hand-picked team to keep it quite.

I guess you can say there is a theme here:   A NEW small hand-picked team (the Rookies) have been assembled to help with the rest of the team to knock out the big bad Patriots and anyone else who gets in their way to win that Trophy.

QueCeasar Untouchables: adj; A group of Men determined to illustrate to the world that your dreams can come true thru hard work and trust in God.. 5/22/12 8:13 AM
QueCeasar My team good we don’t even need a mascot….#untouchables 5/21/12 10:33 PM

Are the Jets Rookies The Untouchables?  Well they aren’t untouchable at least on twitter, as they are active and do talk back to the fans.

QueCeasar Gm #jetnation it’s another day for the jets to get better and we are working to bring home that Super Bowl trophy this year….#Godbless 5/22/12 8:10 AM
TheNobleSteed_1 This is what we grind for!!! 5/21/12 5:51 PM

Ryan Steed: "This is what we grind for!!!"



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