Former Jets’ Punter Steve Weatherford Calls out ESPN Writer Rich Cimini

Former Jets’ Punter Steve Weatherford Calls out ESPN Writer Rich Cimini

Former Jet, Steve Weatherford made news for his opinion on Mark Sanchez, and the headline for one particular story became a sore spot for the former Jets’ Punter.  Steve made some comments on the podcast talking about how Mark Sanchez lacks the maturity despite being very talented.

The ESPN article used the word “RIP” in the headline and looking at Steve’s tweet, he took offense to it, especially the writer of the story Rich Cimini.  He called Rich out on twitter and the two had a brief conversation where Weatherford let it be known that his words were taken out of context and where he set the record straight in his own words.

Weatherford5 I think @mark_sanchez knows the truth. I would never “RIP” a former teammate.Marks a great competitor and close friend This is outta control 5/18/12 4:28 PM
Weatherford5 I expected a little more out of @RichCimini but the article was totally one sided. I have alot of respect for Mark Sanchez 5/18/12 4:33 PM
RichCimini @Weatherford5 Sorry you feel that way, Steve, but all I did basically was run the quotes. 5/18/12 4:55 PM

Earlier in Steve’s timeline, I guess he was addressing me, er uh, bloggers, so I’m included.  He said that Sanchez will make people forget about Tebow:

Weatherford5 Dear bloggers, Mark Sanchez will make people forget about Tebow, but the competition will sharpen him. He has what is takes to be great. 5/18/12 2:14 PM

If you read this blog, then you know I’m in Sanchez’s corner and believe he IS the better QB for the Jets at this time.

Some Twitter Reaction

ToneMarku @RichCimini @weatherford5 @RealMichaelKay only so-called “analysts” are allowed to have opinions but they rip athletes for having them. 5/18/12 10:48 PM
roverforty7 @Weatherford5 @mark_sanchez nice job… The media blows 5/18/12 10:34 PM
JaneJem831 @Weatherford5 I can’t see you having a mean bone in your body! I am pretty sure Mark Sanchez would agree…forget the haters! 5/18/12 8:31 PM
MRjack182 @Weatherford5 @bcowan40 @espnnewyork sounded more like they lead you into those q’s man. Classic @espn . Steve, just know we believe you 5/18/12 7:56 PM
Channinho @Weatherford5 who cares about the stupid Jets or Sanchez. You are a great Punter and a World Champion NY Giant! Joke is on them my friend! 5/18/12 7:05 PM
RickC519 @Weatherford5 @mark_sanchez You always were a douche Steve. Anyone stupid enough to tuck and run on 4th & 19 should always just STFU. 5/18/12 6:02 PM
MyNJJETS @Weatherford5 In my best Iverson voice: “Punter? We’re talking about a PUNTER?!?!?!” 5/18/12 5:28 PM
k_walt12 @Weatherford5 Huge Jet fan and didn’t really like what you said about Westhoff but what you said about Mark was far from “ripping” someone. 5/18/12 5:17 PM
Steve_Ciccone Why are people saying that @Weatherford5 “ripped” Mark Sanchez? Listen to what he said, he didn’t come close to ripping him. #Shutup 5/18/12 5:08 PM
11michael11 @Weatherford5 you did rip @Mark_Sanchez you idiot 5/18/12 5:07 PM
ConnieCarberg @Weatherford5 @richcimini Looks like Steve is getting carried away with himself- know he hates Jets but no reason to hurt Mark- 5/18/12 5:04 PM
DangerosoNYC Seems @Weatherford5 was sitting on high horse from SB win still and @RichCimini just kindve put the story out there…SW is classy but cocky 5/18/12 5:00 PM
thatkidjq @Weatherford5 i think you should worry more about punting and less about sanchez big guy. 5/18/12 4:55 PM
  • Joe

    Why would anyone expect better from Cimini?

    The guy is an absolute hack.

  • Fowlert1981

    Shocker! The media loves the giants / jets hatred , they’re basically the ones that created it. Like who cares what a punter has to say about a former teammate. Like really? Where’s the story here, classless.

  • David

    This is why Twitter is great. You can get an unedited opinion straight from the source.