Fans Spew Venom at Rich Cimini Online; Beat Writer Fights Back on Twitter

Fans Spew Venom at Rich Cimini Online; Beat Writer Fights Back on Twitter

So, there is still some fall out from Rich Cimini’s story about Steve Weatherford “Ripping” Jets QB Mark Sanchez.  First, the story was posted, Weatherford didn’t like it and called him out, and now It appears that fans of all teams are taking their shots at the ESPN beat writer, nothing new, but what is kind of new is he’s taking shots back.

Now this makes for some interesting reading as you hardly see writers take shots back protecting themselves online.  Warning, I don’t edit the tweets so if you are offended easy by curse words, this post isnt’ for you.

ASig3 @RichCimini What are you going to do today? Defame another NYJ player? Take another players quote out of context to print a negative piece? 5/19/12 11:05 AM
RichCimini @ASig3 Weatherford criticizes your QB and you have a beef with me? Gimme a break. 5/19/12 5:07 PM
redding31 @LilMissNYJet k..he should of kept his mouth shut..but @RichCimini loves going overboard wit sanchez negative news..he Odeed tweeting this 5/18/12 5:35 PM
RichCimini @redding31 You make me laugh. Weatherford criticizes Sanchez and you’re blaming me? What a joke. 5/18/12 10:34 PM
KeyboardArmy @RichCimini @redding31 face it Rich, your coverage of the Jets sucks 5/19/12 2:46 PM
KeyboardArmy @RichCimini @10carls10 Rich, Your #Jets coverage has always been blatantly tainted from being a #Mangini, #Shittenhiemer fan 5/19/12 2:58 PM
RichCimini @KeyboardArmy Thanks for reading. 5/19/12 5:03 PM
10carls10 @RichCimini @weatherford5 Rich, there should not be a comma after the word way. You ran the quotes, but Steve did not rip Mark at all. 5/19/12 4:18 AM
RichCimini @10carls10 I never said he ripped him. That was in the headline. 5/19/12 10:09 AM
C_Toc @RichCimini What a joke you are… you’d do anything to get people to read articles, huh? You and ESPN belong together. #hack 5/18/12 4:46 PM
RichCimini @C_Toc Re-read the quotes. They’re from Weatherford, not me. 5/18/12 10:42 PM
Stengelese52 @Weatherford5 @RichCimini – I’m sure your intentions were good. Sometimes the slant of the article is meant to cause controversy. 5/18/12 4:50 PM
RichCimini @Stengelese52 Slant of the article? Weatherford criticized Sanchez, period. 5/18/12 10:40 PM
TReinhardt15 @Weatherford5 @RichCimini at the end of the day how many rings does that reporter have anyway? 5/18/12 4:51 PM
RichCimini @TReinhardt15 Oh, that’s an intelligent comment. 5/18/12 10:39 PM
e_man I said it before and I’ll say it again, I think @RichCimini ‘s writing is great. No hate here. 5/18/12 4:48 PM
newjakecity1 @e_man @RichCimini When he’s not putting sarcastic little comments in (which is rare), he writes good articles. Ex: Dunbar article. 5/18/12 4:54 PM
RichCimini @newjakecity1 thanks. 5/18/12 10:38 PM
redding31 @LilMissNYJet I love reading ur tweets but @RichCimini deseserves whatever criticism he gets..straight jackasscimini,hope he blocks me. 5/18/12 5:08 PM
LilMissNYJet @redding31 I understand, but how exactly is he at fault for this one? Weatherford opened his mouth, period. @RichCimini 5/18/12 5:27 PM
RichCimini @LilMissNYJet @redding31 Thank you. 5/18/12 10:35 PM
ASig3 @RichCimini You’re a scumbag. From calling players druggies to printing slanted articles that are taken out of context. Horrible Dick. 5/18/12 5:34 PM
RichCimini @ASig3 Thanks for reading. 5/18/12 10:35 PM
ASig3 @RichCimini I don’t read your stuff so don’t get ahead of yourself Dick. I wouldn’t give your pos articles hits. I see the RTs. 5/18/12 10:47 PM

Oh and I had to mention this one…. In my story where Weatherford calls out Cimini, I refereed to Steve as “Former Jets’ Punter” and some Giants fans took offense to it.  Um, last time I checked this was a Jets blog.

OhThatTyler @e_man Former Jets’? How about current @Giants punter and Super Bowl Champion @Weatherford5?!? 5/19/12 2:36 PM
vinnzo @e_man “GIANTS” punter and super bowl winner Steve . . . ” 5/19/12 3:33 PM
e_man @vinnzo it’s a jets blog bro… 5/19/12 5:06 PM
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